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Recaps and Upfronts – March and April

RecapsMarch was crazy. Work was busy and home was even busier with loads of birthdays and other things. However, I did get a lot of reading done and I had some very interesting guest posts on the blog. I also maintained gender parity in my reviews, so I’m still on track with my reading goals. I read some amazing books in several genres and read a fantastic conclusion to a series. So what exactly did get posted to the blog last month?  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – February and March

RecapsFebruary was a great reading month with at least one book that will probably make it to my Favourite Reads list in December and will definitely be on my Hugo Nominations ballot – The Golem and the Djinni – some great sequels and some cracking first novels. I’ve also balanced out my gender parity level. I’m currently at 26 books read this year (two of which I still need to review) and of those 11 are by men, 11 by women and 4 by either multiple authors or authors whose identity is unknown. So I’m quite pleased at my progress with my reading goals for the year. So what did get posted to the blog last month?  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – January and February

RecapsJanuary was a solid month, with a good mix of guest posts, interviews and of course, reviews. As I’d resolved in my Bookish Resolutions I kept to my three reviews a week, though not always on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule I’d planned. I’ve been telling myself the week only ends on Sunday, so it doesn’t matter if I post a review in the weekend. I’m doing well on my gender parity resolution. In January I read and reviewed thirteen books, five by men, five by women, and three by an author whose identity is unknown. Not only that, on the whole they were wonderful books as well. January was also rather heavy on the epic fantasy, with five titles that could be categorised as such. It’s been fun to read a lot in the sub-genre that first got me hooked on fantasy. So what exactly did I read and post? Let’s have a look.   Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – December and January

RecapsTo be honest I’m a little recapped out after my 2013 wrap-up. Since I’ve been writing a post looking back at last year every day since Christmas. But as these posts are also helpful in writing those recaps, here’s a whirl at one anyway! December was a big month at Casa Librarian. We started the month with Sinterklaas on the 5th, which was huge fun and of course then began the countdown to Christmas break and the New Year, with all the attendant work do’s and family gatherings. Added to that I spent time preparing my Anticipated Posts and trying to read as many books for review as I could as I tried to catch up on my review copy backlog. So December was manic, but also lots of fun. What did December end up looking in blog posts? Let’s take a look.   Continue reading »

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Upfronts 2014: Bookish Resolutions

2014Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will bring you wonderful things. With a new year there are always resolutions, even if you know you won’t keep them past the 4th, so why would I be any different? Last year I did rather badly with my resolutions, so this year I’m making a new set! To keep me honest, I’m also posting them here, so you guys can kick me in the behind if I fail dramatically. So take a look at my bookish resolutions for 2014.  Continue reading »

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Recap 2013

2013It’s here: 2013′s final wrap up post! In which I evaluate how I did on my bookish resolutions and touch upon some of the highlights of my blogging year. I’d kept my resolutions relatively easy, as I wanted to make sure I’d be able to keep them and not get stressed about them. So what exactly were my bookish resolutions this year? Continue reading »

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Favourite 2013 Books

2013To round out my Favourite of 2013 posts, today I’m bringing you my Favourite 2013 Books, with books that were published in 2013, but weren’t a debut novel. With the amount of books I read this past year it was hard to whittle them down to ten. But I succeeded and here’s my list.


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Favourite 2013 Debuts

2013Yesterday I gave you my top ten books I read in 2013, but which were published prior to that. Today I’m posting my top ten 2013 debuts. Debut novels are always exciting as you’re not only discovering a new world but a new writer as well and any writer you read might be your next favourite writer. This year I collected several new must-read authors. So without further ado my favourite 2013 debuts!  Continue reading »

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Favourite 2013 Reads

2013Welcome to my Favourite 2013 Reads post. Since I read over 128 books this year and about a quarter of those weren’t from 2013, like last year I decided to split my lists in a Favourite 2013 Reads section, which looks at the books published before 2013, a Favourite Debuts 2013, as I’ve again read a fair number of those this year, and a Favourite Books 2013 post, which looks at the top ten non-debut books published in 2013 I read this year.  Continue reading »

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The Bookish Babies 2013

2013This year I failed miserably in my plan to talk about my girls every season or so. Truth is there hasn’t been that much to tell really, as I felt it would be boring for everyone if I just said they’re growing like weeds and still loving story time every three months or so. But as it’s been a year, now I can brag a bit and show them off. And I want to talk a bit about an unexpected effect being a mum to two girls has had on my reading.  Continue reading »

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