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In the News: Defying Doomsday on Pozible

City overlooking desolate desert landscape with cracked earthIn the past couple of years Kickstarter and its various competitors have turned into a great way to get interesting anthologies to market. There are lots of great projects out there and increasingly I’ll receive emails asking me to broadcast new campaigns to my readers here on the blog and elsewhere. I usually let those go, because it feels odd to promote projects I won’t personally be backing. But last week I backed the Defying Doomsday project, because it looked very interesting, it’s got a story by the awesome Corinne Duyvis, and the representation of disabled or chronically ill characters is dear to my heart. This meant that when I received an email about the project from its creators, I was stoked to share it here on the blog. What exactly is the Defying Doomsday project? Have a quote:  Continue reading »

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In the News: London Book & Screen Week

lbswbannerSo I usually don’t post much about the press releases for events I get in my inbox, unless it is for an event here in the Netherlands, which so far has happened I think three times, all at The American Book Centre, but sometimes something hits my inbox and it makes me so sad that we still haven’t invented that teleporter yet. Exhibit A is the press release I received about London Book and Screen Week, which runs from 13-19 April and coincides with the London Book Fair. There are some awesome events on and several interesting workshops and exhibitions and I wish I could go.  Continue reading »

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In the news: Cover for Joshua Winning’s Ruins

joshuawinningOne review copy that has been languishing on my digital to read shelf for way too long is Joshua Winning’s Sentinel. One of the reasons I was drawn to accept a review copy of Sentinel was its cover. I love the style of it. And add in the promise of underground societies, evil forces, and a teen trying to figure it all out and I was sold.   Continue reading »

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Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A close down: a round-up of the links

SCI’ve been a Strange Chemistry fan from the beginning. Its editor, Amanda Rutter, was one of the first friends I made when I discovered the blogosphere, at the time she was still blogging at Floor to Ceiling Books, and she helped me out a lot when I decided to start blogging myself. So to see her move into publishing herself was exciting and witnessing Strange Chemistry publish some of the most innovative and wonderful books in the field of YA in the past two years has been a pleasure.  Continue reading »

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In The News: Cover Palooza

InboxLast week I received several mails with interesting new covers and acquisitions news. And as I’ve been looking forward to these books a lot and Solaris’ new acquisition sounds really interesting, I thought I’d share them on the blog.

Let’s start with Angry Robot Books, who revealed the covers for two final books in the series, that I’ve been looking forward to hugely, Emma Newman’s All Is Fair and David Tallerman’s Prince Thief. Both covers and the accompanying blurbs can be found below:   Continue reading »

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In the News: Three Wishes…


My week is totally not going as planned. I was going to post a review every day and do some extra reading on top, but of course I should have learned by now not to plan to tightly, as there are two little girls in my house who are apt to mess up my carefully laid plans. However, I will have a review up tomorrow, as it’s part of a blog tour, so I really have to get that written, but before I start in on that, I saw an announcement floating around my timeline on Facebook and I really wanted to share it with you guys.

Continue reading »

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In The News: Q&A with Clifford Beal

cliffordbeal-gideonsangelI’ve been a little spotty in my blogging lately, mostly due to sick kids, a weekend away, and a really busy week at work. As a result I also have stuff I’ve been meaning to post about for a while tucked away in Evernote and I decided to pull one out today because if I don’t post this now, it will really be too random. Anyway, last February I reviewed Clifford Beal’s Gideon’s Angel, which I enjoyed very much and last month Solaris released a short video shot at the official launch event for Gideon’s Angel. It featured a Q&A with the author where he among other things talks about why he chose to write a historical fantasy and about the historical figures he included in the book.

Continue reading »

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In The News: Ben Galley’s The Written Graphic Novel Kickstarter


bengalley-thewrittenI usually don’t post about Kickstarters and other such news items, in fact I don’t post news items often in general. However, Ben contacted me and asked whether I’d post about his Kickstarter project and I know I have several graphic novel enthusiasts in my readership, so I thought I’d post it as a heads-up for them. I reviewed The Written in novel format earlier this month and while I had some mixed reactions, I did really enjoy the story. So without further ado, here’s Ben’s press release about the Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter project to turn my epic fantasy novel ‘The Written’ into a graphic novel has now launched and is very much live.

Launched on Friday the 11th of January, already the project has raised 42% of its £5,000 goal, and still has 45 days to go before its deadline. But the project still needs help to raise that other 58%. This email is a call for assistance in raising the awareness of the project, and meeting my goal in the next 45 days. Here’s how you can help me:
– Simply forward this email to a friend or colleague
– Share the news on Facebook
– Share or retweet it on Twitter (using the hashtag #EmaneskaGN)
– Or, pledging whatever you can towards the project.

All help is very much appreciated. There are some great rewards on offer. Don’t forget – I’m offering pledgers the chance to actually BE IN the graphic novel. Interested? Have a look below at the rewards.

You can find the project on Kickstarter under “Emaneska – The First Graphic Novel” or at the following link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emaneska/emaneska-the-first-graphic-novel

As always, you can find me at www.bengalley.com. You can also follow the news and updates on Twitter (@BenGalley) and Facebook (/BenGalleyAuthor). More information below!

The £5000 I’m trying to raise will go towards the graphic novel’s design, publishing, global release, initial print run, distribution, and also rewarding those kind people who have pledged towards the project. It will also go towards building and releasing an enhanced eBook app that will be launched as well, transform the reading experience.

The rewards for pledging to the project range from exclusive prints and artwork, free signed copies of the novel and the original Emaneska Series books, exclusive merchandise, to eBooks. Everybody who pledges will see their name in the dedication of the graphic novel, and on www.bengalley.com. That’s quite a reward, considering the proposed level of distribution.

This Kickstarter also offers pledgers the chance to actually feature in the novel. This reward allows pledgers to send in pictures of themselves, and have their likenesses rendered into artwork. It will then be placed in the novel itself, as a minor or background character. It’s a reward that allows those pledging to rub shoulders with the main characters of “The Written” and the Emaneska Series, and be a very integral part of the project indeed. There are only 50 spaces available, so it’s first come, first served!

The artwork for the graphic novel and the app construction will be done by artist Mike Shipley, renowned landscape painter, graphic artist, and also winner of the Churchill Award.

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In The News: Solaris snares Audrey Niffenegger

One of the big sore points for many genre enthusiasts is the way in which our beloved SFF genre is perceived by the mainstream. Every year when the Booker nominations are made public, there’s grumbling on how SFF, Crime and other genres are snubbed and even now people are celebrating the inclusion of several SFF works in the World Book Night selection. With this in mind, today’s announcement by Solaris that they’ve signed Audrey Niffenegger to be part of Jonathan Oliver’s third anthology titled Magic is a sure win for the genre. Ms Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry are very popular not just in the genre community but even more so in the mainstream media. As you’d expect, Solaris is justly proud of this coup. Her story sounds very cool and I’m looking forward to checking out the anthology!

Here’s the full press release:

JonathanOliver-MagicAudrey Niffenegger comes to Solaris for Magic anthology

International best-selling author Audrey Niffenegger is to pen her first ever story for a commercial trade anthology, after signing to Solaris’ forthcoming short story collection, Magic.

Solaris are proud to announce that Niffenegger, whose novel The Time Traveller’s Wife has sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide, is to produce a story for the themed anthology of the occult and arcane, due for release in November 2012 in North America and the UK, in both paperback and ebook.

The story marks Audrey’s first ever appearance in any commercial trade anthology and is the third themed collection from Solaris editor-in-chief Jonathan Oliver. The previous critically-acclaimed anthologies include The End of the Line, which featured stories set on the Underground, and House of Fear, which rebooted the haunted house for the 21st Century. The titles garnered ecstatic reviews, with The Times describing End of the Line’s stories as “exceptionally good”.

“I’m delighted to be involved in this project,” said Audrey Niffenegger. “My story is called The Wrong Fairie and is about Charles Altamont Doyle. He was a Victorian artist who was institutionalized for alcoholism. He was also the father of Arthur Conan Doyle, and he believed in fairies.”

Niffenegger became a publishing sensation thanks to The Time Traveller’s Wife, published in 2003 and made into a Hollywood movie in 2009, and her subsequent novel was the subject of intense bidding by publishing houses.

“It’s really very exciting to be working with Audrey, whose novels The Time Traveller’s Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry show an author with a great talent for subverting genre norms and delivering the unexpected,” said Jonathan Oliver. “Audrey’s story is sure to make a great addition to Magic.”

The line-up for Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane is set to include other high profile authors, including Richard and Judy Book Club-choice Alison Littlewood, NYT Bestseller Dan Abnett, and celebrated authors such as Christopher Fowler, Storm Constantine, Robert Shearman, Paul Meloy, Sophia McDougall, Will Hill, Gemma Files, along with new writers such as Sarah Lotz, Lou Morgan and Thana Niveau and more.

For all press enquires please contact Michael Molcher
Phone 01865 792 201 • Email press@rebellion.co.uk

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In The News: Simon Spurrier makes nice

Last year saw the release of Simon Spurrier’s second novel A Serpent Uncoiled, which I loved, so much so that it made my top ten of books published in 2011. A Serpent Uncoiled drew a lot of great reviews and praise, but as the author explains in this rather wonderful blog post – in which Simon again demonstrates he really has a way with words – it didn’t translate into mass-stockage of his book on the shelves of many brick-and-mortar bookstores. This week sees the release of the paperback edition of A Serpent Uncoiled and to draw attention to this, Simon has made a hilarious video to publicise the book. It had me cracking up after a few seconds and I really wanted to share it with my readers, not just for the laughs, but also because I believe A Serpent Uncoiled deserves all the readers it can get, it’s that awesome. So, I’ve embedded the video below – with Mr Spurrier’s permission – I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me and if it does and you haven’t read it yet, go out and buy A Serpent Uncoiled! It’s a unique read you won’t quickly forget. Be warned, there is creative profanity in the video, so it might not be totally safe for work. Now excuse me, I’ve got to go and learn some of those most eloquent phrases by heart.

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