Travis Heermann – The Wild Boys

travisheermann-thewildboysCan a 16-year-old girl stem the tide of a lycanthro-pocalypse?

When three younger boys show up on the doorstep of Mia’s everyday suburban existence, naked and on the run, she is drawn into a shadow world where a series of strange disappearances heralds a slowly spreading plague of bioengineered lycanthropy. Mia must save the three orphaned boys from their brutal Alpha, a man-beast who believes normal humans are food.

A war is brewing for the top of the food chain. Mia doesn’t know it yet, but she holds the key to the future of the human race.

Werewolves. To me they’re a breed of supernatural monster set apart; they don’t inspire the abject fear that zombies do – I swear, those always give me nightmares – but I find them scarier than most other supernatural monsters and at the same time fascinating. So I was pleased to accept a review copy of The Wild Boys, especially as I’d enjoyed Heermann’s previous novel Rogues of the Black Fury and I was interested to see what he would do in more contemporary setting and writing for young adults. While I enjoyed The Wild Boys just as much, there were also some things about the book that bugged me.

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