Cover Reveal Hair In All The Wrong Places 2: The Perils Of Growing Up Werewolf

Last year, I had a great time with Andrew Buckley’s Hair In All The Wrong Places. It was a fabulous middle grade novel about a thirteen-year-old boy, Colin Strauss, who discovers he is actually a werewolf and consequently uncovers the strange, true nature of Elkwood, the town he lives in. The book was released by Month9Books and was also picked up by Scholastic Book Clubs in North America. I really enjoyed the book and expressed the hope that we would get to return to Colin, Becca, and Elkwood in the future. My wish is about to be granted as the second book is on the way.  Read More …

Cover Reveal: Stephanie Saulter’s Binary US Cover

Stephanie_SaulterIt is no secret I love Stephanie Saulter’s ®evolution series. Gemsigns was my favourite 2013 debut and its sequel Binary will be sure to feature on my top reads for this year, because it was amazing. I’m highly anticipating the final book in the series, Regeneration, which is due out in August this year. In the meantime, the US is finally getting the chance to read the second book from May 5th, when Binary will be published in the States. Today I’m part of the cover reveal for that edition. So without further ado, here it is:  Read More …

Cover Reveal: Bryony Pearce – Phoenix Rising


This is not a drill. This is not an April Fool’s joke, this is a full-out cover reveal for Bryony Pearce’s new novel Phoenix Rising. Having loved Bryony’s last book, The Weight of Souls, I was really looking forward to seeing what she wrote next so I was rather excited to receive an advanced review copy for the book along with my official #BansheeCrew tag bracelet. What is this #BansheeCrew thing about you ask? Have a blurb and see what you think.
Read More …

In the news: Cover for Joshua Winning’s Ruins

joshuawinningOne review copy that has been languishing on my digital to read shelf for way too long is Joshua Winning’s Sentinel. One of the reasons I was drawn to accept a review copy of Sentinel was its cover. I love the style of it. And add in the promise of underground societies, evil forces, and a teen trying to figure it all out and I was sold.   Read More …

Cover Reveal: Rachel Neumeier’s Black Dog

Today I’m happy to be part of Strange Chemistry’s book blast in honour of the cover reveal for Rachel Neumeier’s new paranormal YA Black Dog. Having heard a lot of praise for her previous books, much of it from the Book Smugglers, I’m really looking forward to getting the chance to get acquainted with her writing once the book is released in February. Read More …

In The News: Cover Palooza

InboxLast week I received several mails with interesting new covers and acquisitions news. And as I’ve been looking forward to these books a lot and Solaris’ new acquisition sounds really interesting, I thought I’d share them on the blog.

Let’s start with Angry Robot Books, who revealed the covers for two final books in the series, that I’ve been looking forward to hugely, Emma Newman’s All Is Fair and David Tallerman’s Prince Thief. Both covers and the accompanying blurbs can be found below:   Read More …

Cover Reveal: Gwenda Bond’s The Woken Gods

Last year I read and reviewed Gwenda Bond’s debut novel and one of Strange Chemistry Books’ launch titles Blackwood. I really liked the book and am really looking forward to Bond’s next book The Woken Gods. The stated premise of the book – the ancient gods of mythology have risen and the consequences of their rising – caught my interest and I’m interested to see how Bond tackles this and which pantheons she’s included in her risen gods.  Read More …

Cover Reveal: Ripley Patton’s Ghost Hold

Earlier this year I read and reviewed Ripley Patton’s Ghost Hand. I really enjoyed the book and am really looking forward to reading its successor, Ghost Hold. So when I was approached to participate in Ghost Hold‘s cover reveal, I quickly agreed. Well, today is the day and below you’ll find the press release that accompanied the cover:


As many of you know, Ripley Patton’s first novel, Ghost Hand, is also the first book in a series known as The PSS Chronicles. While Ghost Hand has been getting rave reviews on Amazon and was recently chosen as the June Book of the Month for a Goodreads Book Club with over 1300 members, Ripley has been hard at work writing the second book, Ghost Hold. Read More …

Cover Reveal for Cassandra R. Clarke’s The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

A while ago Angry Robot Editor Lee Harris tweeted about reading a manuscript on the train and being unable to get off the platform before he finished it and while he did so he caught something in his eye by accident. This made me insanely curious, but all was revealed when he announced the signing of Cassandra Rose Clarke for The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, one of their Open Door entrants in 2011. From the announcing blog post, the book sounded lovely and I was intrigued.

Today Angry Robot are revealing the cover and the blurb for The Mad Scientist’s Daughter and I just have to say, Clarke lucked out again in the cover department. After her gorgeous cover for The Assassin’s Curse, now she is blessed with this beauty:

And the blurb:

There’s never been anyone – or anything – quite like Finn.

He looks, and acts human, though he has no desire to be. He was programmed to assist his owners, and performs his duties to perfection. A billion-dollar construct, his primary task is to tutor Cat.

When the government grants rights to the ever-increasing robot population, however, Finn struggles to find his place in the world.

So what do you think? Does it look as lovely and intriguing to you as it does to me? After my love affair with vN, I can’t wait to read another robot book and this really does sound lovely.

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter will be released by Angry Robot in February 2013.