Blog Break

keyboardpauseIt feels a bit weird to post this right after the post celebrating A Fantastical Librarian’s 5th birthday, but it kind of just fell out that way. Life has been rather stressful here at Casa Librarian in the past few months and I’m feeling the strain somewhat. Add to that a week of broken nights due to a Noro-virused 5yo and the fact that our cat Mara managed to disappear and I’ve not felt very much like writing up reviews or work up interviews. I’m just that tired and wiped out. Thankfully it is only four more days before my holidays start and I get to rest up and relax for a bit. So with that I’ve decided to take a bit of a break till the end of the month and get through this last week of work without feeling I also have to work on the blog at night.

I just thought I’d give you a heads-up on why the silence in the past week and the coming one. See you next month!

A Fantastical Librarian turns 5!

birthdayHalf a decade… It’s been half a decade since I started A Fantastical Librarian and I can’t believe I’m still here. Who would have thought I’d have so much to say about the books I’ve read? I certainly didn’t! A Fantastical Librarian has been a constant factor in my life through some hectic times, including having my second child, unexpectedly losing my father-in-law, which resulted in an unexpected house move with all the accompanying rigmarole. Having the blog to focus on at times was the best way to set all of the chaos aside.  Read More …

Return of the Librarian or where I’ve been

So you may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet around here and on Twitter. This was due to me and the family being away for a few days visiting my sister in law in Sweden. We had a fantastic time visiting her and her family and Sweden was lovely even though the weather was mostly atrocious—we had rain four days out of five! We did however see lots of beautiful scenery and wild animals. We saw a raven, a fox, reindeer, deer, and even a couple of elk. There was snow, lots of forest, hills, mountains, lakes, and rivers.  Read More …

Spotty Service Due to Brain Melt

photo credit: :: gw1 :: via photopin cc

photo credit: :: gw1 :: via photopin cc

Just a quick post to say that reviews might be spotty the next week or two (and have been for the past week) as I’m having trouble finding the mental bandwidth to actually write the reviews. With work being busier than usual, Cat deciding to not sleep through the night for the past month, and having had extremely busy weekends the last two weeks, I haven’t really written up much of my reading as I generally feel like my brain’s melted by the end of the work day. Add in the additional curve ball or getting a call this week that Emma can transfer to a school closer to home and having to do all the arranging for that as well and… you get the picture. But as we’ll be adjusting to a new situation and dependent on how Emma copes, I might be a bit scarce for a week or two longer.

The good news is I have interviews and guest posts lined-up and I have been reading loads. So once I get back up to speed, there will be ALL THE REVIEWS!

A Fantastical Librarian Turns Four!

birthdayIf A Fantastical Librarian where human it’d be old enough to go to school today! I’m still amazed that I’ve kept writing all this time and how big a part of my life blogging and the online SFF community has become. Blogging has brought me more than I’d ever expected, something that was emphasised last week by the World Fantasy Award nomination I received for A Fantastical Librarian. To commemorate the blog’s 4th birthday, here are four things blogging has taught me.   Read More …

Blog Maintenance

menatworkI spent my afternoon watching the Tour de France and doing some long over due blog maintenance. I updated my review index, the series pages and the interviews page, so they are all current. I’ve messed about a bit with the side bar, tweaking the way you can browse tags.

But most importantly I’ve switched up my RSS delivery, moving away from FeedBurner, because you never now when it might go poof. So please update your RSS subscription to my new RSS feed linked in the upper right hand corner or by clicking here. I’ve also added the possibility to subscribe to A Fantastical Librarian via email, so you can get all my posts delivered straight to your inbox.  Read More …

A Fantastical Librarian turns 3!!

birthdayThree years ago today, I created A Fantastical Librarian. I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep up with it, because I’m notoriously bad a keeping up with diaries and blogs etc. But to my complete amazement I found that I liked blogging about what I read and being part of the online SFF community immensely. I got to know some amazing people, fellow bloggers, authors, publishers, and publicists, via Twitter and various blogs and I felt more and more at home. I was even lucky enough to meet up with some of my bloggy friends in London.    Read More …

Meanwhile on… The Founding Fields

TFF_logoToday I’m once again out and about on the internet, this time on The Founding Fields at the invitation of Shadowhawk (a.k.a. Abhinav from Angels of Retribution) where I’m writing about the trials and tribulations of reviewing. After having had some pretty harsh (to put it mildly) comments on a negative review Shadowhawk wondered whether he was the only who sometimes hard a hard time keeping this blogging lark fun and approached a bunch of his blogger friends to write guest posts. Today it’s my turn.

Shadowhawk gave me a rather glowing introduction – thank you AJ! – and let me ramble on about the things I have a hard time with reviewing-wise. If you’re interested in seeing how time-management, the ability to say no, and the importance of honesty are integral to keeping blogging fun for me, check out my post on The Founding Fields.

A Short Interruption of Your Usual Programming

redcrossJust a quick post to let you know that this week will be a quiet one on the blog as I had a shot to combat the tendinitis in my right wrist last Friday and I’m not allowed to use my right hand for a week. So while I was able to prep my review for last Friday and this post – as I’m writing this on Thursday. It’s time travel, yo! – I still needed to read the books I planned to review this week. Unfortunately this means, that other than a guest post I’ve written for a Bane of Kings’ writing blog, there won’t be any new content up. I’ll try to get a post up on Wednesday with a link to the guest post, but that depends on how much patience I have with one-handed typing after a day at work, otherwise I’ll throw it up here next weekend.

Hopefully, we’ll be back to our regular programming next week and the up-side is that I’ll have extra content then, because I may not type as well one-handedly, but I can read like a champ even with only one hand!

Cookie with your reading?

cookiesAs you might have noticed if you’re reading this post from the site and not from an RSS-reader, I now have a cookie policy in place. It’s not by choice, but because last year the Dutch government, like the rest of the EU, decided that websites needed to inform their public of the sort of cookies they used and get consent. Now in most EU countries, this consent can be implied, so either just a page with a policy or a banner like I had before stating cookies were used was fine, but the Dutch government took it one step further and made it law that consent had to be explicit. Hence the new lovely diamond thingy in the lower left corner and the pop-up if it’s either your first visit or you elected not have your decision remembered.

It’s still not completely where I want it and need it to be, as it doesn’t actually block the cookies Jetpack implements, which is how I track my stats and which enables the comments and sharing. So for now, I’ve disabled all the sharing buttons except email and printing as those don’t throw cookies at you, but I’ve left the stats up. I’ve put in a support ticket with Cookie Control, so hopefully I can get the blog all set-up as it needs to be soon.

So that’s why I have the pop-up and sharing is disabled for the moment!

Edited: I actually put the sharing stuff back in, as the cookies showing up weren’t connected to them. They only start throwing stuff at you if you click them I think, so for now, unless proven otherwise, they’re back. Have I said that this whole thing is a headache, by the way? Because… aaaarrrggg!