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Author Query – Claire McGowan

clairemcgowan-thelostYesterday I reviewed Claire McGowan’s The Lost, the first book in the Paula Maguire series. I have a review slated for the second book The Dead Ground tomorrow, but today I have an interview with the author herself for you. I truly enjoyed both books and I was fascinated with some of the themes and the setting of the books. Claire’s background as director of the CWA and teaching a crime-writing MA also interested me. Claire was gracious enough to answer all my questions and I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.


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Author Query – Victoria Lamb [Blog Tour]

victorialamb-herlastassassinReturning for a visit to A Fantastical Librarian is historical novelist Victoria Lamb, author of the Lucy Morgan trilogy and The Tudor Witch trilogy. I’ve reviewed the first two Lucy Morgan books, The Queen’s Secret and His Dark Lady and I’m very much looking forward to reading the last instalment Her Last Assassin. Last year I was part of the blog tour for His Dark Lady and Victoria wrote me a lovely guest post on her research process. So for this year’s blog tour I asked her for an interview and you can find the results below. Keep an eye out for a review of the book in the next few months.  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Anthony Riches

anthonyriches-theemperorsknivesToday I welcome historical novelist Anthony Riches to the blog. I decided last week to make May historical fiction month and because I have his last three books – The Wolf’s Gold, The Eagle’s Vengeance, The Emperor’s Knives – still waiting to be reviewed I also planned an Anthony Riches week. When I contacted Hodder about a possible interview or guest post, they asked whether I’d like to be part of the blog tour for The Emperor’s Knives with an interview this week and of course I said yes. So please check back in May for reviews of the books mentioned above and enjoy Anthony’s answers!  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Justin Gustainis

justingustainis-knowndevilIn 2012 I read and reviewed Evil Dark, the second book in Justin Gustainis’ Haunted Scranton series. I really enjoyed it and I was really looking forward to the next book Known Devil, which I reviewed yesterday and which was just as fun as Evil Dark. The Haunted Scranton series is a super fun series that I think hasn’t had the attention it deserves, so I’m really pleased to be able to bring you an interview with its author Justin Gustainis. I had a lot of fun putting the questions together and Justin gave some really cool answers, so I hope you enjoy this interview.  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Christopher Gortner [Blog Tour]

christophergortner-thetudorconspiracyI’m once more glad to welcome Christopher Gortner to A Fantastical Librarian as part of the blog tour of his latest book The Tudor Conspiracy. As Christopher was kind enough to write me a guest post last year, I asked whether I could do an interview this year and the answer was yes. You can find the results below!

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Author Query – Mazarkis Williams

untitledWhen I was contacted about reviewing Tower Broken, I had to admit to not having read any of them. So I quickly hit on the idea to have a Tower & Knife week, reviewing the whole trilogy and including an interview with and a guest post by Mazarkis themselves. Yesterday I brought you my review for The Emperor’s Knife, today I have an interview with Maz. I hope you enjoy Maz’s great answers!


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Author Query – Geoffrey Gudgion

geoffreygudgion-saxonsbaneAt World Fantasy Con in Brighton last year, I was fortunate enough to spend some time chatting to Geoffrey Gudgion. He was quite charming and it made me want to read his debut Saxon’s Bane even more. I read it over Christmas and it immediately made my Favourite Debuts of 2013 list. But after I finished the book I had some questions and Geoff was gracious enough to answer them. There aren’t any spoilers for the book in there so even if you haven’t read the book yet, you can read the interview without getting spoiled. Let’s get to the interview!  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Madeline Ashby + Giveaway!

madelineashby-idYesterday was the US launch date of Madeline Ashby’s second novel iD. Having loved her first Machine Dynasty book vN, this was one book I was looking forward to a great deal and when offered the chance to ask Madeline some questions in honour of said release, I took it in my grabby hands and ran with it. In conjunction with the interview I’m running a giveaway for iD, so please check that out if you’re interested. But first my interview with the wonderful Madeline Ashby, who made my questions seem so much more intelligent with her wonderful answers.

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Author Query – Steve Berry

steveberry-thekingsdeceptionRecently, I was fortunate enough to pose a number of questions to Steve Berry, the author of new contemporary thriller The King’s Deception. Steve’s answers were quite interesting and I’m looking forward to reading his latest novel even more now. If only the Dutch post office would be kind enough to deliver it already! But expect a review of it in the near-future. For now I hope you enjoy this interview.

For readers of my blog unfamiliar with the Cotton Malone series – and for me as I’m new to your work as well – could you give us a short introduction to him?  Continue reading »

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One Burning Question for Julianna Baggott (well, maybe two)

juliannabaggott-fuseTomorrow is the UK release day of the second book in Julianna Baggott’s Pure trilogy, Fuse. I reviewed the book last month and was offered the opportunity to ask Julianna one burning question about the series. Because I’m a special snowflake, or perhaps more because I screwed up with my email, I sent in two questions and Julianna was gracious enough to answer them both.

The first question was formulated before I had the chance to read Fuse, so it’s based on the first book in the series, Pure.

Q: What inspired the story Partridge’s mum told him, why give it that particular fairy tale slant?

A: I believe that we reveal so much of our fears and desires and obsessions in fairy tales. They’re powerful, especially those that endure generations. As I mention in PURE, there’s an actual fairy tale about a swan with black feet. I change details that lead to the story that’s been embedded into the tale for Partridge, in hopes that he remembers. Fairy tales are our essences, in a way. They’re primal and because they’re simple and image-based, they haunt us.

I came up with this second question after reading Fuse and it concerns the final book in the trilogy, Burn.

Q: In the Pure world history is clearly written by the victor, it’s more a figment of the powerful people’s imagination than the truth. The truth, which seems so important to Bradwell, remains a nebulous thing in Pressia’s world. Will we learn the full truth in Burn?

A: Interesting you ask this question. Yes, there is something that Bradwell writes — at the very end of BURN — that is especially important. BURN isn’t about the past, however, but it does wrestle with questions about what the truth is and how it matters.

Thank you, Julianna! If you haven’t yet checked the books out, I highly recommend you do so as they’re one of the most exciting YA series currently out there!

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