Review Policy

If you are an author, publisher or publicist and would like me to review one of your books on A Fantastical Librarian, please contact me at mieneke AT

While I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to agree to all review requests or to review all unsollicited review copies sent my way, I will take all into serious consideration. Do note however thatĀ self-published works will not be accepted.

Reviews will be posted here on the blog, at Goodreads and at Amazon and will be linked to on Twitter. Of course I will send you a link too.

My main reading focus is speculative fiction, though I enjoy historical fiction, crime and YA too. However, I’m always looking to broaden my horizons, so if you think I’d like your book based onĀ previous reviews on the blog, even though it falls outside of these genres, feel free to contact and challenge me!