Author Query – Robert Jackson Bennett

robertjacksonbennett-cityofbladesI’m stoked to bring you today’s Author Query. Last year I read and loved Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs and I’m currently in the midst of his City of Blades, which I’m loving just as much. But RJB isn’t just a great author, he also writes interesting articles on his blog and his Twitter feed is always interesting, whether you like witnessing off-the-wall author interactions, political commentary, or the plain weird, Bennett has it all on his feed. I was excited when I got the chance to interview him and he had some interesting answers to my questions.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Robert Jackson Bennett?

Me, a writer! I’m just some guy who writes books.  Read More …

Editor Query – David Thomas Moore

MONSTROUS LITTLE VOICES - COVERDavid Thomas Moore is the commissioning editor at Abaddon Books, sister imprint to Solaris, and last year I absolutely adored his Sherlockian anthology Two Hundred and Twenty One Baker Streets. When I saw that this year he is publishing an anthology of novellas inspired by Shakespeare’s world, his fictional world that is, I was totally stoked, especially given the line up of writers he presented. But David isn’t only an excellent editor, he’s an allround good egg and funny guy, who often makes me laugh and think deeply with his posts on social media, so I was happy when I got to interview him for the publication of the first of the novellas from Monstrous Little Voices, Coral Bones by Foz Meadows. The stories will be published separately as e-only novellas, with a collected print edition to follow in April. I’ll be reviewing them in the near future, but for now: enjoy the interview!  Read More …

Editor Query – Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas

africanmonstersI love history, legends, myths, folklore, and fairy tales. As such I was surprised that I had completely missed the publication of European Monsters by Fox Spirit Books last year, when I learned about the imminent publication of the second book in that series, African Monsters. I was intrigued, so I asked its editors, Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas whether I could interview them about this latest instalment in the Book of Monsters series. Luckily they said yes, so here we are. African Monsters was published earlier this month and can be obtained from various retailers. I do hope you’ll check African Monsters out, because looking at its table of contents it is bound to be a collection well worth your time.  Read More …

Author Query – J.M. Frey

jmfrey-theuntoldtaleNext week sees the publication of J.M. Frey’s latest novel The Untold Tale. It sounds as a great read and very fun and has received some great advance praise. Since I’m still on a review hiatus, I thought I’d ask J.M. if she’s let me interview her and she kindly agreed. I hope you enjoy the interview below in which J.M. tells us about her path to publication and about what exactly a fantropologist is.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is J.M. Frey? 

It’s a human-shaped creature that identifies cisfemale. It really likes tea, scarves, warm socks, and Marvel films. It is most active during the night, as it prefers to write in the dark, and often sleeps very late during the daylight hours. It’s favorite habitats are hot tubs and beds with far too many pillows on it.  Read More …

Author Query Redux – Genevieve Cogman

genevievecogman-themaskedcityEarlier this year I interviewed Genevieve Cogman after the publication of her debut The Invisible Library which is still one of my favourite books of the past year. The second book in her series called The Masked City will be out on December 3rd. I asked Genevieve some questions to see how she had fared since the publication of The Invisible Library and what we could expect from The Masked City. Her answers only made me more excited to read the book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Hope you enjoy the interview and that you’re looking forward to The Masked City as much as I am!  Read More …

Author Query – Michelle Hauck

michellehauck-grudgingToday is publication day for Michelle Hauck’s Grudging, the first in her Birth of Saints series. The book sounds intriguing and since I’m on a reviewing hiatus I decided to ask Michelle whether she’d let me interview her, so as to share this book with those who read my blog. She said yes and the following Author Query is the result. I hope you enjoy it and that you check out Grudging!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Michelle Hauck?

Writer, reader, contest host, compulsive blogger and twitter addict. I live in northern Indiana. I host many contests for writers on my blog, such as Query Kombat, Nightmare on Query Street, and Picture Book Party. I have two children—now in college—a husband, and two dogs, and I like to spend my time outdoors when it isn’t snowing or freezing—because northern Indiana. Or at least with the windows open when I write. I writer all types of fantasy and prefer the epic kind.    Read More …

Author Query – Nicola Cornick

nicolacornick-houseofshadowsNicola Cornick is an author that was new to me, but the description for her new timeslip novel House of Shadows sounded fantastic, so I decided I needed to know more about her and she was gracious enough to answer my questions. Hopefully you’ll be as intrigued by the book and Nicola’s interview as I am!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Nicola Cornick?

I’m a writer and a historian, working on a voluntary basis for the National Trust at Ashdown House, taking visitors around on guided tours and researching the house and its history. I’m a total history geek. In my spare time I train guide dog puppies and go travelling.  Read More …

Author Query – Julie Czerneda & Giveaway

julieczerneda-thisgulfoftimeandstarsToday I get to bring you a great interview with Julie Czerneda. I haven’t (yet) read anything by Julie, but she’s a name I’ve seen around bookshops and blogs for years and I plan on one day rectifying my unfamiliarity with her work. Julie has been writing in the world of The Clan Chronicles for almost twenty years and This Gulf of Time and Stars is the start of the trilogy that will wrap up the stories that started with A Thousand Words for Stranger. To celebrate the launch of her latest book, Julie is doing a blog tour and I was honoured to host her on A Fantastical Librarian for an Author Query. Also, check the end of this post to be in with a chance of winning either a hardcover or audiobook version of This Gulf of Time and Stars, courtesy of the publisher and Audible.  Read More …

Author Query – Emma Newman

emmanewman-planetfallYesterday I posted my review for Planetfall, Emma Newman’s latest novel that is out today from Roc Books. I loved it, it is one of my favourite books of the year, perhaps even my favourite full stop. I was really excited to get to interview Emma and I hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I did. If nothing else, I hope it makes you want to pick up Planetfall and read it, because you absolutely should!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Emma Newman? 

She – I – she URGH> I can’t talk about myself in the third person! I’m an author, audio book narrator and podcaster. I am a keen roleplayer and dressmaker too.  Read More …

Author Query – Lou Morgan

redeyeIn the run up to Halloween, Stripes Publishing is celebrating the conclusion of their first year of the Red Eye series with a blog tour. I’ve read and enjoyed all of the Red Eye books this year and I was really stoked to get the chance to interview the wonderful Lou Morgan. I adored Lou’s first series Blood and Feathers from Solaris and her Red Eye title Sleepless was my favourite of the run. And in addition to being a fabulous writer, she’s also just a really good egg, so it is always great to have her visit A Fantastical Librarian. If you haven’t checked out Sleepless or the other Red Eye titles I highly recommend you do so. In the meantime, enjoy this interview!  Read More …