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Blogger Query – Draumr Kópa

BloggerQueryI’m always excited when I discover another Dutch-speaking blogger, so discovering DraumrKopa‘s Cindy Callens a few years ago was rather cool. I also had the chance to catch up with Cindy, albeit briefly, at World Fantasy two years ago and hopefully I’ll see her again at Nine Worlds later this year. Cindy is not just an interesting blogger, she also has some really interesting hobbies and I was glad she agreed to be a guest in my blogger query series.  Continue reading »

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Blogger Query – Renay

BloggerQueryOne of the bloggers I’ve only discovered in the past year or two who has had a huge influence on how I look at reading, writing, books, and fandom is Renay of Lady Business and the Fangirl Happy Hour podcast. Renay came into SFF fandom from the fanwork-side and as such has a very different and unique view of the SFF community than most. She also looks at culture through a feminist and intersectional lens, which is always interesting. She can also rant like a champ and is very funny! When I rebooted Blogger Query I really wanted to interview Renay, so I was stoked she agreed. I’m even more stoked with the fabulous and in-depth answers she returned. Best go make yourself a hot beverage of choice and sit down because this is a big interview!  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Karen Maitland

karenmaitland-theravensheadOne of my favourite non-SFF blogs is The History Girls. And one of my favourite History Girls is Karen Maitland. I’ve been wanting to read her ever since I saw reviews for Company of Liars, but as is so often the case never got around to it. Today marks not one, but two book birthdays for Karen however, with the paperback release of last year’s The Vanishing Witch and the release of her latest novel, The Raven’s Head. I was fortunate enough to receive review copies for both of them. I reviewed The Vanishing Witch yesterday and check back for my review for The Raven’s Head tomorrow. But today I get to bring you an Author Query with Karen in which she has some fascinating answers to offer to my questions.  Continue reading »

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Blogger Query – Over The Effing Rainbow

BloggerQueryIt’s baaacckk! Yes, I’m kicking off a new round of Blogger Queries and here to help me do so is Lisa McCurrach from Over The Effing Rainbow. I’ve known Lisa on Twitter for a while now and she’s always very entertaining on there. She also has remarkably similar book taste to me *cough* Emma Newman, Sebastien de Castell, Liz de Jager *cough* so she was the perfect guest to help me restart these Blogger Queries. I really enjoyed Lisa’s answers and I hope you do too!  Continue reading »

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Author Query Redux – Carrie Patel

carriepatel-theburiedlifeLast year I reviewed Carrie Patel’s debut novel The Buried Life, which I really enjoyed. I also interviewed her in the run up to the book’s publication. And then life threw a spanner in the works. Angry Robot Books was put up for sale and most of the remaining 2014 titles that were still to be published were pushed back until 2015. This March sees the Angry Robot Reboot and Carrie’s debut is finally available to everyone. From March 3 everyone will be able to purchase this wonderful book. To celebrate this fact, I’ve asked Carrie back for another Author Query to talk about the past year and more. Enjoy and please check out The Buried Life next week!

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Author Query – Adrian Tchaikovsky

adriantchaikovsky-gunsofthedawnOne author that I’ve heard loads and loads of great things about is Adrian Tchaikovsky. This first series was the massive Shadows of the Apt series, which was comprised of ten books and which was peopled by insect-kinden, people who took on various insect characteristics. Being a wuss when it comes to anything with more than four legs and since the series was already on book four by the time I heard about it, I never got into it. I did however read some of Tchaikovsky’s work as he had a short story in Two Hundred and Twenty One Baker Streets, last year’s speculative Sherlock Holmes anthology from Solaris. I really enjoyed his story The Final Conjuration and it made me curious to read more of his work. Enter Guns of the Dawn. A standalone book unconnected to his previous series and set in a regency-esque secondary world. I was sold and I have the book waiting on my to be read pile to be consumed soon. In the meantime, I present you with the following Author Query.  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

silviamorenogarcia-signaltonoiseToday sees the publication of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s hotly anticipated Signal to Noise. I’ve been looking forward to this one immensely, even including it in my anticipated reads for the first half of the year. Set in Mexico City, partly in 1988 and partly in 2009, the story mixes music and magic, creating a tale of love and identity. I’ll be reading and reviewing the book in the coming week, but for now I present you with an Author Query with Silvia Morena-Garcia. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out Signal to Noise!

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Author Query – Tim Marquitz

timmarquitz-dirgeTim Marquitz is a name you’ve probably heard before. I’d mostly heard it in connection with his small press Ragnarok Press, but he’s also a well-respected author. In honour of the publication of his latest book Dirge, today Tim visits A Fantastical Librarian for an Author Query in which I learn that sleep is an optional thing to Tim and more about what sets Dirge apart from the rest of his books.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Tim Marquitz?

Howdy. I’m all sorts of things, most of which folks would shy away from saying in polite company. Beyond those things, I’m an author, editor, and publisher who wants nothing more than to keep living the dream I’m living now, and that’s to make a career out of publishing all while doing it my way.  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Jen Williams

jenwilliams-theironghostNext month will see the publication of The Iron Ghost, the follow up to The Copper Promise. Written by Jen Williams, The Copper Promise was oodles of sword and sorcery fun, which I just loved. I’m really looking forward to tucking into this second offering featuring, Wydrin, Sebastian and Frith, but I’m making myself wait until closer to publication. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this interview with Jen and if its piqued your interest and you haven’t read The Copper Promise yet, go catch up before February 26, when Headline will be publishing The Iron GhostContinue reading »

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Author Query – Brian Staveley


brianstaveley-theprovidenceoffireBrian Staveley burst onto the SFF scene last year with his debut epic fantasy novel The Emperor’s Blades. It was a great first novel and one I enjoyed bunches. The second book in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne was released earlier this month and I’m currently almost finished with The Providence of Fire. I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow, but suffice it to say that unless Staveley stuffed it up in the final 75 or so pages, the book is even better than The Emperor’s Blades. But before I go back to finishing the book, I get to share an interview with the author with you. I’m pleased I was able to snare Brian Staveley for an Author Query and I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I did.  Continue reading »

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