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Author Query – Storm Constantine

stormconstantine-moonshawlToday I get to welcome Storm Constantine to the blog. Storm has been publishing books for years and her short story Do As Thou Wilt in Jonathan Oliver’s Magic anthology was one of my favourites in it. So when I was asked about being part of Storm’s tour for her new novel The Moonshawl, the latest entry in her Wraeththu Mythos, I was very pleased to accept. I’m hoping to review the book at some point in the new year as well – so keep an eye out for that – but for now enjoy this Author Query with Storm!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Storm Constantine?

I’m a writer, publisher and teacher, with over 30 books in print and dozens of short stories. I began writing professionally in the 1980s, and my first novel was ‘The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit’, which is the opening volume in the first Wraeththu trilogy. I’ve since written many novels across several genres, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, dark fantasy and slipstream.   Continue reading »

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Author Query – David Towsey

davidtowsey-yourservantsandyourpeopleDespite my hesitance when it comes to zombie novels – they seriously give me nightmares most of the time – when I was sent David Towsey’s debut novel Your Brother’s Blood for review, I was sufficiently intrigued to give it a go, even if his Walkin’ were very much zombie stand-ins. I actually loved the book, as Towsey managed to make me forget the Walkin’ were zombies and I got sucked into the story. And I wanted to know what happened next badly. Fast forward about twelve months and the sequel Your Servants and Your People is published today. I’ve already read it and I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow, but spoiler: it’s great. But I also got to grill David for an Author Query to mark publication day and he sent back some pretty fantastic answers, which you’ll find below.   Continue reading »

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Author Query – Edward Cox

edwardcox-therelicguildLast year Gollancz announced Edward Cox’s The Relic Guild to be published this autumn. Intrigued by the premise, I followed the author’s Twitter account and ever since Ed has been a steady presence in my time line. He was also one of the first people I ran into last year in Brighton on which occasion I got one of his patented Ed-Hugs. Fast-forward eleven months and The Relic Guild has been released and I’m really looking forward to picking up a copy when I go to London next week and to get the chance to finally read it. Meanwhile I thought I’d ask Ed some questions on the occasion of the publication of his book and the following Author Query is the result.   Continue reading »

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Author Query – Scott K Andrews

scottkandrews-timebombLast month I reviewed Scott K Andrews latest novel TimeBomb. A YA novel featuring, time travel, Roundheads and Cavaliers, fabulous characters, and oodles of fun. Yet after finishing the book I did have questions. Luckily for me Scott was willing to answer some of them. Today is the release day for TimeBomb and to celebrate I get to share Scott’s answers to my Author Query with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Scott K. Andrews?

Writer, geek, dad, husband, dogsbody, wage-slave, anarchist, surrealist, narcissist, distruster of ists.   Continue reading »

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Author Query – Eliza Crewe [Blog Tour]

elizacrewecrushedblogtourWhen Angry Robot’s YA imprint Strange Chemistry closed last June, many of their authors were unfortunately left in limbo mid-series. One of them was Eliza Crewe, whose book Crushed, the second book in the Soul-Eater series, was due to be published in August. Luckily, the rights were reverted back to Eliza and she decided to self-publish the first two books, Cracked and Crushed, and presumably will finish the series that way. While I still need to read both of the books – they’re on my teetering TBR-pile – I wanted to ask Eliza some questions, both about the books and about the process of self-publishing. Today I’m one of the stops on Eliza’s Crushed blog tour and she’s here to answer my questions.

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Author Query – William Ritter

williamritter-jackabyEarlier this month I reviewed the highly entertaining and very atmospheric Jackaby. I had a great time with the story and its characters and I hope to read more about them in the future. I was also able to put Will to the question and have him as an Author Query guest. He sent over the following answers including some of his own art! I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I did. Jackaby is out today, so go check it out!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is William Ritter?

William Ritter is a husband and a father who teaches High School Language Arts and likes to write stories. His debut novel, JACKABY, is published by Algonquin Young Readers, and will be available Sept 16th.   Continue reading »

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Author Query – Tom Pollock

tompollock-ourladyofthestreetsLast month I reviewed Our Lady of the Streets, the final book in Tom Pollock’s the Skyscraper Throne series. It’s no secret its one of my favourite series of the past few years and I was both excited to learn how the story was going to end and sad that I would be saying goodbye to Beth and Pen. After I finished the book I had questions and Tom was lovely enough to answer them. The resulting interview is below. Be warned though, it is a spoiler-heavy interview, so if you haven’t read the series – and if not, why on earth not? – and want to remain unspoiled, best not read on!   Continue reading »

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Author Query – Sebastien de Castell


UK Cover

Earlier this year I reviewed Sebastien de Castell’s debut novel Traitor’s Blade. I really enjoyed this fun, adventure romp-style fantasy story. Today sees the release of the paperback of Traitor’s Blade and to celebrate that I asked Sebastien whether he’d be willing to do an interview. Lucky for me he said yes. So enjoy his answers and if you haven’t read it yet, afterwards go and get yourself a copy of Traitor’s Blade because it is immensely entertaining.

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Author Query – Ben Peek

benpeek-thegodlessOne of this summer’s big releases, which has garnered a lot of buzz, is Ben Peek’s The Godless. I reviewed it yesterday and found it an interesting opening to a new big fat epic fantasy trilogy with intriguing world building and great characters. Today is the book’s official release date and to celebrate it, I’ve got an Author Query for you. I hope you enjoy Ben’s answers as much as I did!

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Author Query – Benjanun Sriduangkaew

benjanunsriduangkaew-scale-brightYesterday I reviewed Benjanun Sriduangkaew’s latest novella Scale-Bright, which I loved. This wasn’t that big of a surprise as I’ve sort of fallen in love with Benjanun’s writing over the past few months. She’s also my number one vote for the Not-a-Hugo Campbell Award for Best New Writer. So when Benjanun sent me my review copy I quickly asked her for an interview and she graciously agreed. So I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did and go check out her wonderful fiction, most of which is available online!    Continue reading »

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