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Author Query – Ben Peek

benpeek-thegodlessOne of this summer’s big releases, which has garnered a lot of buzz, is Ben Peek’s The Godless. I reviewed it yesterday and found it an interesting opening to a new big fat epic fantasy trilogy with intriguing world building and great characters. Today is the book’s official release date and to celebrate it, I’ve got an Author Query for you. I hope you enjoy Ben’s answers as much as I did!

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Author Query – Benjanun Sriduangkaew

benjanunsriduangkaew-scale-brightYesterday I reviewed Benjanun Sriduangkaew’s latest novella Scale-Bright, which I loved. This wasn’t that big of a surprise as I’ve sort of fallen in love with Benjanun’s writing over the past few months. She’s also my number one vote for the Not-a-Hugo Campbell Award for Best New Writer. So when Benjanun sent me my review copy I quickly asked her for an interview and she graciously agreed. So I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did and go check out her wonderful fiction, most of which is available online!    Continue reading »

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Author Query – Laure Eve

laureeve-theillusionistsLaure Eve is a YA author I’ve been following on Twitter for ages. Last year she published her debut novel Fearsome Dreamer, a dystopian, romantic technofantasy, which I reviewed on the blog last month. Laure is a wonderful and funny person and I was fortunate enough to meet her at WFC last year. Today Fearsome Dreamer‘s sequel The Illusionists is published and I thought that would be a great excuse to ask her some questions in an Author Query. Check back for a review for The Illusionists next week.

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Author Query – Carrie Patel

carriepatel-theburiedlifeOne of this summer’s titles from Angry Robot is Carrie Patel’s debut The Buried Life. Though the synopsis read more like a steampunkish crime novel, Angry Robot dubbed it science fantasy and it intrigued me enough to really want to dig into the story. I also wanted to ask Carrie some questions, to which she gracefully agreed. You can find her answers below. If you’d like to see more of Carrie talking about her book and and writing itself, check out this third Angry Robot Live vidcast with Carrie, Chuck Wendig, Anne Lyle, and Adam Christopher, moderated by Mike R. Underwood. But first, Carrie’s answers to my questions!  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Gail Z. Martin

gailzmartin-deadlycuriosityGail Z. Martin was an author whose works have been on my radar for years, but I’d never actually read any of her work until I read and reviewed Jonathan Oliver’s anthology Magic two years ago. Her story Buttons in that anthology charmed me beyond measure and I even speculated about the chances of Martin writing a novel set in this universe. Thus I was rather pleased when Solaris announced they’d be publishing Deadly Curiosities, the first novel set in the world of Buttons. I’ll be reviewing the novel later in the week, but today Gail Z. Martin drops by the blog for an Author Query.  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Mark Charan Newton

markcharannewton-drakenfeldThis week sees the paperback release of Mark Charan Newton’s Drakenfeld, which I am just in the middle of reading and enjoying very much. It also creates the perfect opportunity to catch up on Lucan Drakenfeld’s first adventure in preparation for his second outing in Retribution later this year. In honour of Drakenfeld’s paperback release I got to ask Mark Charan Newton some questions, which I’m sharing with you today. Keep an eye out for my review of Drakenfeld later in the week!   Continue reading »

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Author Query – Corinne Duyvis

corinneduyvis-otherboundIt’s not that often that I run across a Dutch author writing SFF in English. Yes, there’s Thomas Olde Heuvelt, who is twice nominated for a Hugo in the Short Story category, but as far as I’m aware, he writes in Dutch and his work is then translated. So discovering Corinne Duyvis and her debut novel Otherbound was very exciting. I started following Corinne on Twitter and when she mentioned working on organising her blog tour I subtly wheedled bluntly elbowed myself onto her list. Corinne was kind enough to agree to an interview, which you can find below. Check back tomorrow for a review of Otherbound!

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Author Query – Aidan Harte

aidanharte-ireniconLast April Jo Fletcher Books published the last book, Spira Mirabilis, in Aidan Harte’s The Wave series and published the first one, Irenicon, in the US. The Wave is a series which I’ve heard much praise for, but unfortunately haven’t (yet) read myself, though I do have Irenicon on my TBR-pile. However, having heard so much good things about the series, and being curious about Aidan’s dual career as a sculptor and a writer, I asked Aidan for an Author Query. He sent me back some awesome answers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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Author Query – Snorri Kristjansson

snorrikristjansson-bloodwillfollowSnorri Kristjansson’s Swords of Good Men was one of my favourite books last year and also one of two that Wiebe loved as much as I did. It’s a raging, berserk Viking novel, but I loved it to pieces and I couldn’t wait to read the sequel Blood Will Follow. While in Brighton, I was also fortunate enough to meet Snorri in person and he was very lovely and gracious, and patiently listened to Wiebe and I waffling on about how much we liked his book. Today is the publication day for Blood Will Follow and I’m so pleased to be able to bring you an interview with Snorri. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my review of the book!  Continue reading »

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Author Query – Helen Grant [Blog Tour]

helengrant-demonsofghentIt’s no secret I love Helen Grant’s writing. Ever since the lovely Liz de Jager gave me Helen’s The Glass Demon for Christmas, I’ve been an avid fan and have read all of her published YA books. So when Helen approached me about being part of her blog tour for her latest novel, Demons of Ghent, I immediately started thinking of interview questions to ask her. So much to ask! However. I behaved and only sent her about ten questions, the answers to which you can find below.  Continue reading »

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