Author Query – Craig Cormick

craigcormick-thefloatingcitiesLast year I very much enjoyed Craig Cormick’s The Shadow Master and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series, The Floating City. The book was released last month and has received some lovely reviews. Craig was kind enough to agree to an interview to celebrate the release of his latest novel. Enjoy this Author Query and be sure to check out The Floating City.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Craig Cormick? 

My website says that I have been writing since I could make up stories and have worked in journalism, communications, teaching and science communication. Also that I like to write across many different genres and styles, from fiction to non-fiction and literary fiction to speculative fiction. – So if I read it online then it must be the truth, right?

I could also tell you that I’m a twin, I have travelled to all seven continents for work – including to Antarctica, but the thing I most love doing in the world is reading books to my six-year-old son and remembering how more real than real stories were when we were young.  Read More …

Author Query – Stephanie Saulter

stephaniesaulter-regenerationOne of my favourite series of the past few years, Stephanie Saulter’s ®evolution series, is concluding next month with the release of its final instalment Regeneration. Saulter’s debut, Gemsigns, blew me away two years ago and earlier this year I was kicking myself for not reading the second book, Binary, sooner. I won’t be making the same mistake with Regeneration, so look for a review for it soon. Meanwhile I wanted to take this opportunity to ask Stephanie some questions about her experiences writing the ®evolution series and what’s next on her docket. I hope you’ll find her answers as interesting as I did. And if you haven’t checked out Stephanie’s books before, you’ve been missing out. Now’s the chance to catch up on Gemsigns and Binary, before Regeneration hits the shelves.  Read More …

Author Query – Jamie Schultz

jamieschultz-splinteredToday is publication day for Splintered, the second book in Jamie Schultz’ Arcane Underworld series. I reviewed the first book Premonitions last year and earlier in the year Jamie visited the blog with a fantastic guest post to discuss the similarities between Karyn’s precognition and chronic illness. I’m really looking forward to discover how Karyn and Anna’s adventures continue, but in the mean time I thought I’d highlight Splintered‘s book birthday with an interview with Jamie. Enjoy and keep an eye out for the review soon!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Jamie Schultz? 

Oh, sure, go right for the existential jugular… The short answer is that I’m an author of urban fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror for the most part, plus whatever else seizes my imagination. My first novel, Premonitions, came out last year, and the next, Splintered, comes out July 7th. I’m very excited!  Read More …

Author Query – A.F.E. Smith

Cover_image_DARKHAVEN_AFE_SmithNext week sees the publication of A.F.E. Smith’s Darkhaven, her debut fantasy novel out in digital format first  from HarperVoyager. I really enjoyed Myrren and Ayla’s story and the world A.F.E. Smith created. Today I get to share an interview with the author of Darkhaven in which she shares some details about her road to publication, about Mirrorvale, and proves my long-held suspicion that all authors can be bribed with chocolate! Check back tomorrow for a review of the book.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is A.F.E. Smith?

Basics? That seems like a pretty profound question to me! :-)

A.F.E. Smith lives and breathes fantasy fiction. She spends more time in imaginary worlds than in the real one. Sometimes she has interesting chats with her characters.  Read More …

Author Query – Nancy K Wallace

nancykwallace-amongwolvesIn a new strategy, HarperVoyager has a number of books, acquired through an open submissions period a while back, that they will be publishing digitally first and in paperback second. Nancy K Wallace’s first novel for adults, Among Wolves, is one of these and was released in digital format HarperVoyager last month with the paperback to be released come November. The blurb for Among Wolves, which features an journeyman archivist, captured my attention and I couldn’t wait to read the book. Upon learning that Nancy K. Wallace is a Youth Services Librarian in her day job, I knew I had to have her over for an Author Query. Nancy graciously agreed and the following is the result. Please check back tomorrow for a review of Among Wolves.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Nancy K. Wallace?

I was blessed with a magical childhood mostly due to my mother’s ingenious and fanciful way of making every day a celebration. My father died when I was eleven and I think that influenced me a great deal.  I don’t think I have ever felt truly safe since then. My parents were both wonderful people, intensely in love with each other and thrilled to have children. I think we were all spoiled but deeply cherished. After I finished college, I taught kindergarten for five years and then returned to work as a children’s librarian after staying home for ten years with our two daughters. My job has grown over the last 26 years. I do over 250 programs a year and moderate 6 Book Discussion groups for 3rd graders up through college age.  I love what I do. It gives me the chance to pass on some of the magic that was so freely given to me as a child.  Read More …

Author Query – David Hair

davidhair-thepyreLast week Jo Fletcher Books published The Pyre, the first book in David Hair’s new series, The Return of Ravana. But new is a relative concept here, as The Return of Ravana is actually a re-issue, the series having been originally published by Penguin India and Penguin New-Zealand. I’m really excited for this Ramayana-inspired series, so I’m very glad to be able to share this interview with David Hair with you, in which he shares some details about what inspired the series, his love of football (the proper, round ball kind), and whether he revised The Pyre at all from its published version. Check back for a review of The Pyre somewhere in the coming weeks.  Read More …

Author Query – Bryony Pearce

bryonypearce-phoenixrisingI’m really happy to be able to bring you this interview with Bryony Pearce today as part of the blog tour for her latest novel Phoenix Rising. I loved her previous book The Weight of Souls and when I saw the new one was about dystopian junk pirates I was all in for this one too. It did seem like a bit of a new direction for Bryony, so I was curious to ask her about that and whether she considered Phoenix Rising a climate change fiction novel. I hope you enjoy the interview. Don’t forget to check back for a review later today. Oh and #BansheeCrew all the way!


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Bryony Pearce?

Hi there. Well I’m a writer addicted to penning stories for teenagers that I would like to read myself. I’m also a mum with two children, a 6 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. I love to read, watch films and, if I ever get the time, to go to the theatre. My favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones and Firefly. I go to the gym when I have to, diet when I need to and stare out of the window daydreaming when all else fails.  Read More …

Author Query – Danielle L Jensen

danielleljensen-hiddenhuntressDanielle L. Jensen’s Stolen Songbird was one of Angry Robot’s late and lamented Strange Chemistry imprint biggest successes. I very much enjoyed the story and as such was saddened by the fact that we might not get its sequel for the foreseeable future. When Angry Robot announced that they had picked up the entire trilogy and planned to publish Hidden Huntress on schedule, I was stoked. To celebrate Hidden Huntress‘ publication next week today Danielle drops by the blog for an Author Query.


Let’s start with the basics. Who is Danielle L Jensen?

I’m a human living in Calgary with my other half and our newly minted progeny. I used to work in finance, but it wasn’t a career that rewarded daydreaming about dragons, so I jumped ship and turned to writing. I haven’t regretted that choice once!  Read More …

Author Query – Katherine Clements

katherineclements-thesilveredheartLast year Katherine Clements arrived on the scene as an exciting new voice in historical fiction. As I knew I wanted to include Katherine’s books in this year’s historical fiction month on the blog, I decided to go for a triptych. So this is the second of three Katherine Clements posts, after yesterday’s review of The Crimson Ribbon and before tomorrow’s review of The Silvered Heart. Katherine chooses to write in a fascinating era of British history, the Civil War, and I was very much looking forward to asking her more about that and about her research. She also shared a surprising tidbit about Kate’s silvered heart pendant in her latest book. Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my review of The Silvered HeartRead More …

Author Query – Joshua Winning

joshuawinning-ruinsEarlier this year I reviewed Sentinel by Joshua Winning, the first in the Sentinel series. I really enjoyed Joshua’s take on the traditional form of the prophesied one in a magical world existing along side our own, especially the character of Isabel. This week the second book in the series sees publication; I’ll be reading and reviewing Ruins next month. To celebrate the publication of his second novel, Joshua dropped by the blog to answer some of my questions for an Author Query.

***  Read More …