Global Affairs and Housekeeping

book-316411_6402016 has been a year, hasn’t it? And it is not even over.

I know that last week’s events have thrown many people’s lives into turmoil, both within and without the US. It was the capstone to a year that seems to only bring us horrible news, though as one of my friends reminded me it also brought us new (small) people to love and other joyful things. But it is hard to hold on to those when faced with the grim reality of news reports and to not feel despondent. Ana and Thea over at The Book Smugglers had this amazing post, which says all I’d want to say much better than I ever could. As they said, we’re stronger together. Let’s remember that and be there for each other.

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Big Book Bonanza 2016

bbbcatalogueLast week I was invited to attend the Big Book Bonanza, an event co-hosted by Van Ditmar Boekenimport, a big, Dutch book supplier, and Harper Collins UK and US. It was the first time I’ve attended such an event here in the Netherlands, as usually UK/US publishers don’t give these sorts of presentations in The Netherlands and if they do, they don’t invite bloggers. However, Van Ditmar and HarperCollins are looking to change this which is why yours truly was invited.  Read More …

Giveaway Winners for Julie Czerneda’s Reunification Books

The Gate to Futures Past cover for releaseLast week I ran a giveaway for two sets of the first two books in Julie Czerneda’s Reunification series, This Gulf of Time and Stars and The Gate to Futures Past. And I still owe you the winners for that. I put everyone in order of commenting and had Wiebe roll his trusty d10 twice to select the winners. So without further ado, congratulations to:

Serena Jenkins

I’ll contact you via email with details how to claim your prize.

Thanks everyone for taking part and thank you to DAW and Julie for the prizes!

Brandon Sanderson’s Evil Librarians return!

Dark-Talent-Banner-788x90Today sees the publication of the fifth book in Brandon Sanderson’s middle grade series Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians, the all-new The Dark Talent. I’ve read the first three  — they’re on the still-need-to-review pile — and really enjoyed them. The fourth is on my TBR-short-pile and I’m hoping to pair that with this fifth one and just review the series in one go once I’ve read all five.  Read More …

Excerpt: William Sutton – Lawless and the Flowers of Sin

Mid Lawless_Flowers of SinLast week I had William Sutton over on the blog for an Author Query about his latest novel Lawless and the Flowers of Sin, among other things, and today I get to share an excerpt from the book with you. I received a review copy earlier in the week, so look out for a review in the near future!


Molly, chief of the Oddbody Theatrical urchins, investigates the erotic publishers of Holywell Street.  Read More …

Matthew Jobin at the De Grijze Jager Dag

Banner-GJD-2016-facebook_851x315Last week I interviewed Matthew Jobin on the occasion of the release of his second novel The Skeleth. When prepping for the interview I discovered that he’d be appearing at De Grijze Jager Dag in Alphen aan de Rijn on May 15, which is really close by. I initially didn’t plan on going, since the past week was horrendously busy, but when I was contacted by Matthew’s Dutch publisher inviting me to attend, I felt the universe was giving me a message, so we decided to go. And I thought I’d tell all of you about my day!

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My Hugo Nominations 2016

hugo_rocketThis Tuesday MidAmericon II announced the Hugo nominations and, like last year, they’ve been hijacked by the Rabid Puppies. Especially the fan categories and the Best Related Works were a complete shitshow. Like many of those I regularly hang out with online I blew a gasket—so much so that Wiebe threatened to put me in time out or take away the internet if I didn’t stop blowing up. After calming down and thinking about it, I decided that instead of writing another Hugo hot take piece, I’d instead share my own nominations. That way hopefully they’ll get some more love and attention and I don’t give too much more oxygen to the RP/SP crowd.
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Guest Post: Ben Peek on Multiculturalism in Leviathan’s Blood

benpeek-leviathansbloodIn 2014 Ben Peek published his big fat fantasy novel The Godless. I really enjoyed the characters and world the story is set in. But the thing that drew my interest initially, and which made it of interest to a lot of people, was the fact that The Godless was peopled with a super diverse set of characters. The second book in the series, Leviathan’s Blood promised to be as diverse. So when I got to pick a topic for a guest post, I immediately jumped on the chance to have Ben talk about the multiculturalism in his book and how his fictional world mirrors his everyday world. Enjoy and remember to check out Leviathan’s Blood tomorrow when it is published.  Read More …