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My 2015 Hugo Nominations Ballot

hugo_rocketLast Tuesday the nomination window for the Hugo Awards closed. I kind of freaked out the week before, because I thought nominations would be open until the end of the month. But after a moment of PANIC, I got my act together and got my nominations figured out. Last year I posted my nomination ballot as well, not just to share what I nominated but also so I could do a comparison once the nominations were announced to see whether any of my nominations made it through. I also tried to predict what I thought would win, though I forgot to come back and do a post on what I got right. But those were fun posts, so I thought I’d do them again this year. There are several categories where I haven’t nominated anyone or anything, because I either hadn’t read or seen anything in said category or because I just don’t know enough about it to judge. So without further ado here are my nominations for 2015.  Continue reading »

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In the News: London Book & Screen Week

lbswbannerSo I usually don’t post much about the press releases for events I get in my inbox, unless it is for an event here in the Netherlands, which so far has happened I think three times, all at The American Book Centre, but sometimes something hits my inbox and it makes me so sad that we still haven’t invented that teleporter yet. Exhibit A is the press release I received about London Book and Screen Week, which runs from 13-19 April and coincides with the London Book Fair. There are some awesome events on and several interesting workshops and exhibitions and I wish I could go.  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – February and March

RecapsSo February went by in a haze of coughing and lurgy and it is now finally March, which means it’s only three more weeks until we officially hit spring. Hurray! I’m so over winter. In other cheery news, we’ve booked the hotel and plane tickets, so no going back on it now: We’re going to Nine Worlds in August!! *muppet flail* So excited!  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – January and February

RecapsJanuary was a good month here on the blog, I kept to my no more than three reviews a week, but that didn’t mean I only had three posts a week. In fact, I had a post up most days. And between the reviews, interviews, guest posts and other posts, I pretty much maintained gender parity as well, so that’s two of my bloggy resolutions kept up in the first month! I’m also ahead of the curve of my number of books to read this year, so thus far I’m pretty pleased. So what did January look like in posts?  Continue reading »

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Freeing Hostage: even series are hybrid these days

manijabrownsmith-strangerLast year I read and reviewed the wonderful Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith. Now this is a book with history. In September of 2011 Brown and Smith opened up about their experiences trying to get an agent to represent them to sell the book that became Stranger. One agent expressed interest in taking the book on, provided they would either turn their gay main character straight or lose his point of view and any reference to his sexual orientation. This sparked a lot of discussion and gave rise to #YesGayYA. Stranger was eventually picked up by Viking in 2012 and was finally released last November. After the groundswell of support in 2011, I would have expected far more of a splash on publication, yet when it finally arrived, it did so relatively silently.  Continue reading »

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In the news: Cover for Joshua Winning’s Ruins

joshuawinningOne review copy that has been languishing on my digital to read shelf for way too long is Joshua Winning’s Sentinel. One of the reasons I was drawn to accept a review copy of Sentinel was its cover. I love the style of it. And add in the promise of underground societies, evil forces, and a teen trying to figure it all out and I was sold.   Continue reading »

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Kellerman Reread: An Introduction

jonathankellermanJonathan Kellerman has been publishing books for over three decades. He is best known for his crime series featuring Dr Alex Delaware. Delaware is a child psychologist who is drawn into consulting for the LAPD due to his friendship with Detective Milo Sturgis. Delaware’s chosen profession is one that Kellerman is very familiar with as he himself is also a child psychologist and still holds a chair as Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology. The Alex Delaware series is long-running: the first one came out in 1985 – when I was six, people! – and the thirtieth, Motive, will be out later this year. Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – December and January

RecapsSo I’m a bit recapped out after the past month, so I’m going to keep this short. December was a manic month on the blog. As the overview below shows. I’m super glad that I got to catch up on my reviews backlog, so I’m once again reading and reviewing in tandem, instead of taking a bit to write them up. December was an all around good month and I had a lovely Christmas break, but I’m also glad to get back into the usual groove of things. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened on the blog last month.  Continue reading »

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Upfronts 2015: Bookish Resolutions

2015Happy New Year! I hope your 2015 will be filled with happiness, joy, and good books. As every year, resolutions will be made, even though many of them won’t last beyond next Monday, and I’m once more setting my own bloggy resolutions. Last year I did okay, but I’m hoping to achieve more of my goals this year. To keep me honest, I’m also posting them here, so you guys can kick me in the behind if I fail dramatically. So take a look at my bookish resolutions for 2015.  Continue reading »

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Recap 2014

2014We made it! It’s time for my 2014-in-review post in which I evaluate how I did on my bookish resolutions and touch upon some of the highlights of my blogging year. I’d kept my resolutions relatively easy, as I wanted to make sure I’d be able to keep them and not get stressed about them. So what exactly were my bookish resolutions this year?

Continue reading »

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