Recaps and Upfronts – May and June

RecapsMay was historical fiction month on the blog. While I got a ton of reading done, writing the books up for reviews? Not so much. As mentioned last month, we went on vacation to Sweden, so I didn’t write a lot then, and on the last day, when we were travelling home, I hurt my back, so I couldn’t sit up and write for almost a week and then when I got back to work, I was just glad to be able to lie down when I got home at night. Predictably, this meant lots of reading, but no writing. So I’m somewhat behind on writing up reviews, but I’m hoping to catch up this month.  Read More …

Return of the Librarian or where I’ve been

So you may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet around here and on Twitter. This was due to me and the family being away for a few days visiting my sister in law in Sweden. We had a fantastic time visiting her and her family and Sweden was lovely even though the weather was mostly atrocious—we had rain four days out of five! We did however see lots of beautiful scenery and wild animals. We saw a raven, a fox, reindeer, deer, and even a couple of elk. There was snow, lots of forest, hills, mountains, lakes, and rivers.  Read More …

Cover Reveal: Stephanie Saulter’s Binary US Cover

Stephanie_SaulterIt is no secret I love Stephanie Saulter’s ®evolution series. Gemsigns was my favourite 2013 debut and its sequel Binary will be sure to feature on my top reads for this year, because it was amazing. I’m highly anticipating the final book in the series, Regeneration, which is due out in August this year. In the meantime, the US is finally getting the chance to read the second book from May 5th, when Binary will be published in the States. Today I’m part of the cover reveal for that edition. So without further ado, here it is:  Read More …

Enchantment Lake Giveaway Winners

preus_enchantment coverAs promised here’s the announcement post for the Enchantment Lake giveaway! With the assistance of my husband and his trusty d12, the following three people got selected to be winners:

1. Bibliotropic
2. Tammy
3. anne

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the rest.

Winners I’ll be contacting you via email with details on how to claim your prize!

2015 Hugo Awards Nomination Thoughts

hugo_rocketWell, the Saturday before Easter came and went and as is traditional it brought the announcement of this year’s Hugo Short List. And to say I was disappointed is to put it mildly. Of all of my nominees only six made it on to the ballot: Strange Horizons, Lightspeed and Beneath Ceaseless Skies in the Semiprozine category, Galactic Suburbia and Tea and Jeopardy in the Fancast category, and Wes Chu for the Campbell Award. While I’m stoked for these six that they’re there, because I think they’re very deserving, I’m still sad that nothing I nominated in the fiction categories made it and that no one I nominated for Fan Writer made it either.   Read More …

In the News: Defying Doomsday on Pozible

City overlooking desolate desert landscape with cracked earthIn the past couple of years Kickstarter and its various competitors have turned into a great way to get interesting anthologies to market. There are lots of great projects out there and increasingly I’ll receive emails asking me to broadcast new campaigns to my readers here on the blog and elsewhere. I usually let those go, because it feels odd to promote projects I won’t personally be backing. But last week I backed the Defying Doomsday project, because it looked very interesting, it’s got a story by the awesome Corinne Duyvis, and the representation of disabled or chronically ill characters is dear to my heart. This meant that when I received an email about the project from its creators, I was stoked to share it here on the blog. What exactly is the Defying Doomsday project? Have a quote:  Read More …

Cover Reveal: Bryony Pearce – Phoenix Rising


This is not a drill. This is not an April Fool’s joke, this is a full-out cover reveal for Bryony Pearce’s new novel Phoenix Rising. Having loved Bryony’s last book, The Weight of Souls, I was really looking forward to seeing what she wrote next so I was rather excited to receive an advanced review copy for the book along with my official #BansheeCrew tag bracelet. What is this #BansheeCrew thing about you ask? Have a blurb and see what you think.
Read More …