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2014 Hugo Awards Nomination Thoughts

hugo_rocketSo the Hugo nominations were announced last night and to say they were surprising is an understatement. While I’m glad that in the fan Hugo’s most of my nominees actually made the voting ballot, I’m really sad that in the fiction and professional Hugo’s almost none of my nominees made it. Reactions so far have been mixed and mostly less-than-enthused. Stefan over at Far Beyond Reality has a great round-up of posts if you want to read more reactions. Below you’ll find the nominations and my reaction to the various categories.

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The Skyscraper Throne Reread Week 11

TomPollock-TheCitysSonThis August Jo Fletcher Books is publishing the final instalment in Tom Pollock’s Skyscraper Throne trilogy, Our Lady of the Streets and to get ready for it, they’ve organised a massive reread for the first two books, The City’s Son and The Glass Republic. It’s no secret I adore these books and I’m eagerly awaiting the concluding volume to find out how Beth and Pen’s story ends. So I’m really pleased to be part of this reread and today I’ll be your host to the recap and discussion for the relatively short chapters 41-44. Remember, this is a reread, so there will be spoilers galore coming up, so as the lady says SPOILERS!   Continue reading »

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Coming Attractions: Historical Fiction Month

book-316411_640This coming May will be all about the historical fiction here on A Fantastical Librarian. There were some awesome releases in the past month and I still had some fantastic books in my TBR-pile that had been languishing there in favour of the new and shiny. So when I jokingly told someone that I needed to do an exclusive historical fiction month, I actually decided to do just that. I have a list of titles I want to read and some interviews and guest posts lined up. And it’s not just straight historical fiction; there is some historical crime and some historical supernatural suspense in there as well. So I hope you’ll enjoy the month, even if you’re not a regular historical fiction reader; I know I’m looking forward to getting stuck-in on these titles.  Continue reading »

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My 2014 Hugo Nominations Ballot

hugo_rocketSince the nomination window has now closed for the Hugo Awards, which means I can’t change my mind any more, I thought, like many others before me, I’d post my Hugo Nomination Ballot. Not just to share what I nominated but also so I can do a comparison once the nominations are announced to see whether any of my nominations made it through and later on what my predictions are and after LonCon what I got right. There are several categories where I haven’t nominated anyone or anything, because I either hadn’t read or seen anything in said category or because I just don’t know enough about it to judge. So without further ado here are my nominations.  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – March and April

RecapsMarch was crazy. Work was busy and home was even busier with loads of birthdays and other things. However, I did get a lot of reading done and I had some very interesting guest posts on the blog. I also maintained gender parity in my reviews, so I’m still on track with my reading goals. I read some amazing books in several genres and read a fantastic conclusion to a series. So what exactly did get posted to the blog last month?  Continue reading »

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Cover Reveal: Kim Curran’s Delete

SCToday I’m stoked to be able to share the cover for the final book in Kim Curran’s Shifter series, Delete. I loved the first two books in the series, Shift and Control, and I can’t wait to see how Scott’s story ends. To refresh your memories, here are the covers for the first two books:

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Meanwhile… on SF Signal

towerThe lovely Andrea (a.k.a. the Little Red Reviewer) invited me to be part of this week’s mind meld over at SF Signal. The meld went live yesterday and once again I’m in some great company. The topic was near and dear to my heart as getting my girls reading SFF is something I’m really looking forward to when they’re old enough. Andrea’s question was:

Q: What science fiction or fantasy books would you recommend for children under the age of ten?

Here’s a paragraph on my favourite Dutch fantasy series for children from my childhood:  Continue reading »

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Unstretch Goals

scalesThis is going to be a bit of a personal post, so if you’re here for the books and the books only, be warned. Last December 3rd I did something big. I started to change my eating habits in order to lose weight and get to a healthier place for myself. And it’s been going amazingly well and every kilogram lost is motivation to keep going, but still it’s nice to have goals to work towards. And with goals come rewards. Of course, being the bookworm I am and rewarding myself with chocolate or something similar would rather defeat the purpose. So I decided that starting from fifteen kilograms onwards, for every five kilograms I lost, I could read one book I had on my shelf that I really wanted to read, but kept putting aside because review copies. And since I was making a list, I included some review copies I desperately wanted to read as well. I’m calling them my unstretch goals.  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – February and March

RecapsFebruary was a great reading month with at least one book that will probably make it to my Favourite Reads list in December and will definitely be on my Hugo Nominations ballot – The Golem and the Djinni – some great sequels and some cracking first novels. I’ve also balanced out my gender parity level. I’m currently at 26 books read this year (two of which I still need to review) and of those 11 are by men, 11 by women and 4 by either multiple authors or authors whose identity is unknown. So I’m quite pleased at my progress with my reading goals for the year. So what did get posted to the blog last month?  Continue reading »

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Recaps and Upfronts – January and February

RecapsJanuary was a solid month, with a good mix of guest posts, interviews and of course, reviews. As I’d resolved in my Bookish Resolutions I kept to my three reviews a week, though not always on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule I’d planned. I’ve been telling myself the week only ends on Sunday, so it doesn’t matter if I post a review in the weekend. I’m doing well on my gender parity resolution. In January I read and reviewed thirteen books, five by men, five by women, and three by an author whose identity is unknown. Not only that, on the whole they were wonderful books as well. January was also rather heavy on the epic fantasy, with five titles that could be categorised as such. It’s been fun to read a lot in the sub-genre that first got me hooked on fantasy. So what exactly did I read and post? Let’s have a look.   Continue reading »

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