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How to start your own writing business

If you’ve always enjoyed writing or have a knack for writing compelling stories or informative articles, you may want to consider starting your very own writing business. Especially if you dream of working for yourself. To discover a handy guide to setting up your own writing business, simply continue reading.

How to start your own writing business:

Figure out what type of writing you’d like to focus on and what your goals are:

If you enjoy writing technical articles you may want to focus on writing informative, well researched articles for businesses around the world. Alternatively if you’re passionate about creative stories, you may want to set yourself a goal of publishing a book of short stories or your first eBook. If you’re looking to make a quick living from your writing but are interested in becoming a successful author you may want to start writing articles for a living in order to buy yourself enough time to publish a few successful books.

Create a website or blog in order to market your services or eBooks:

Once you’ve decided on your goals as a writer your next step should be to ensure that you have a professional online presence such as a blog or website. Where potential clients will be able to view your portfolio of work and will be able to contact you with job offers. Just make sure that your blog or website has been professionally designed as your blog or website will reflect on your business and it’s important for potential clients to view your website in a positive light.

Establish working relationships with multiple long term clients:

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’ll be able to bring in a steady income as a writer is to work on establishing long term business relationships with multiple clients. So that you’ll be able to spend the vast amount of your time writing, instead of having to spend a large portion of each working day trying to market your services as a writer and trying to sign new contracts.

Make sure that you check all of your work for spelling errors and grammatical errors:

Even if you can’t afford to pay a professional editor at the very start of your writing career, you’ll be able to use free software to check your writing for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. As it’s imperative that any work which you submit to your clients is error free. As if someone is paying for your writing, they’ll expect to receive work of a certain standard.

Develop your writing skills:

Regardless of whether you’re just started writing professionally or if you’ve been in the industry for a decade, it’s important to continue developing your skills as a writer. As an example you may want to attend a writing group or a writing workshop. Where you’ll be able to develop your craft under the tutelage of an experienced, professional writer.

So if you’re seriously thinking about becoming a professional freelance writer, your dream may be more obtainable than you originally thought. Simply use all of the tips which are listed in order to get started as a professional writer.

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6 Interesting Hobbies to Take Up

If it’s been a long time since you’ve picked up a new hobby, which will give you something to look forward to each week, it’s a great idea to continue reading in order to discover a few interesting hobbies to pick up.

6 Interesting Hobbies to Take Up:


If you have a way with words and enjoy activities such as creative writing and journaling, you may be interested in taking up writing as a hobby. Especially if you have a vivid imagination or lead an interesting life which you’d like to document. As an example if you’re a keen traveler you may want to start keeping a travel journal, in order to record all of your travel adventures.

Foreign languages:

If you’ve caught the travel bug you may also be interested in challenging yourself by taking up a new language or two. Which will allow you to communicate with the locals in the countries which you choose to visit. If you’re serious about quickly picking up a new language you may want to sign up for local language classes with a native speaker or if you’re too busy to commit to regular classes you may be interested in using a free language app in order to pick up a new language.

If you’re tempted to start learning a new language it’s a great idea to learn a few phrases in a few different languages, in order to find a language which you click with and can pick up easily.


As modern day life can be extremely hectic and stressful you can’t go wrong taking a bit of time each day in order to complete a short yoga routine. As practicing yoga can help you relax and put aside the daily stresses of every day life. Better yet practicing yoga can also increase your flexibility and balance and will help you establish a great connection between your mind and body. You should also find that you’ll decrease your chances of sustaining injuries and waking up with aches and pains in the morning, if you make an effort to practice yoga on a daily basis.

Dance classes:

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a child to sign up for dance classes. If you’ve always dreamed of learning how to salsa or tango or would love to learn how to rock and roll, you’ll throughly enjoy joining a dance class. There are even adult ballet classes for beginners, if you missed out on taking ballet classes as a child and are interested in learning basic ballet moves in order to increase your fitness.

Horse riding:

If you’re an animal lover and enjoying nothing more than enjoying the great outdoors, it’s well worth tracking down your nearest horse riding school. Where you’ll be able to learn how to trot, canter and gallop before learning more difficult skills such as jumping and performing dressage routines. Alternatively, you may just want to hire a horse in order to complete scenic treks with your friends. The choice is up to you.

Scuba diving:

There’s no better way to explore the ocean than to learn how to scuba dive. If you’re keen on the idea of exploring reefs and shipwrecks around the world, it’s well worth getting your PADI scuba diving licence, which will allow you to scuba dive in exotic locales around the world such as The Bahamas and Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Simply select the hobby listed above which interests you the most in order to get started and to book your very first session or class.

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How to write an essay: A step by step guide

If you’re required to write a compelling essay, which will be well received simply continue reading in order to discover a step by step guide to writing a well written essay.

How to write an essay: A step by step guide

Conduct any necessary research before you start writing:

Depending on the topic which you plan to write about you may need to conduct a bit of research before you start writing your introductory paragraph. If you do choose to use a quote from another piece of writing, make sure to the cite the piece of writing and it’s author at the end of your essay. In order to avoid plagiarism.

Write a compelling opening statement:

The most important part of your essay will be your opening statement as it will give your readers a clear idea of the primary aim of your essay. As an example the key aim of your essay may to be to convince your readers to believe in a viewpoint which you have put forward. Or the primary point of your essay may be to discuss details about a specific topic. Make sure to keep your opening paragraph short, so that it will capture your readers attention.

Make sure that your writing is clear and to the point:

Instead of making general statements, it’s important to ensure that your writing is clear, straight forward and to the point.

Work on the body of your essay:

You spend spend the majority of your time writing an essay, working on the body of your essay. Which should contain several paragraphs which will discuss each of your essay’s focus points. Generally you should start a new paragraph each time that you put forward a new thought. Also think carefully about whether or not you have to provide quotes or evidence for the statements which you make. As an example, if you’re writing an academic essay you will have to include several academic sources in your essay.

Read through your essay several times:

Before publishing an essay it’s a smart idea to proofread your essay several times. As you should be able to tweak your essay to improve your essay. As an example you may be able to reword a sentence so that it flows better. You may even want to consider getting a trusted family member or friend to proof read your essay for you. As they may be able to spot simple errors which you will be able to change.

Carefully name your essay:

Your final step, when it comes to writing an essay should be to choose a descriptive title for your essay. While many individuals try to come up with the title of their essay before they start writing the introduction and body of their essay, it’s usually far easier to name your essay, once you’ve finished writing it. As you’ll know the exact contents of your essay and will be able to choose a title which fits your essay.

If you follow all of the writing tips which have been listed above you should have no trouble writing a compelling, informative essay which will be well received.

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Everything you need to know about “The Surgeon” by Tess Gerritsen

If you enjoy reading well written detective novels, you may be interested in picking up a copy of “The Surgeon”, which was written by Tess Gerritsen. As it’s a detective novel that you’ll have a hard time putting down. Especially if you love stories which are full of suspense and mystery and feature well fleshed out characters who you’ll be able to relate to and root for.

Everything you need to know about The Surgeon Tess Gerritsen:

It’s the first book in the Rizzoli & Isles series of detective novels:

If you’ve never read a Rizzoli & Isles detective story, it’s well worth starting off with “The Surgeon” as it’s the very first book in the series and introduces the main character detective Jane Rizzoli.

There is a TV show based on the Rizzoli & Isles series:

The Rizzoli & Isles book series was so popular that it has been turned into a popular TV series, “Rizzoli & Isles”, which stars Jane Rizzoli who is a police detective and her friend Maura Isles who is a successful medical examiner. If you’ve watched an episode of “Rizzoli & Isles” and love the characters of Rizzoli and Isles it’s well worth reading “The Surgeon”. As you’ll be sure to fall in love with Gerritsen’s well written heroines.

Rizzoli and Isles suspect that a medical professional is behind the mysterious murders which they are investigating:

“The Surgeon” boasts a unique storyline and follows Rizzoli and Isles as they try to track down a murderer who captures, tortures and murders women. What is unique about the victims deaths is that they have all been tortured and murdered using precise methods, which are only used by doctors. If you read through “The Surgeon” you’ll get to discover why a doctor who has sworn to help individuals would use their skills to murder innocent women.

It weaves together events from the past as well as events from the present:

As well as revealing present day events “The Surgeon” also features the story of a woman who was assaulted by a mysterious man several years ago, who managed to escape her would be killer by shooting him. Is there a connection between the methods which were used to torture her and the methods which were used to torture and kill the women whose deaths Rizzoli and Isles are trying to solve? You’ll have to read “The Surgeon” to find out.

It also features a potential stalker:

Not only does “The Surgeon” feature multiple brutal deaths but it also features a story about a potential stalker who will not stop until he has succeeded in psychologically destroying his target. Will Rizzoli and Isles manage to prevent a dangerous man from exacting his revenge on his unsuspecting victim? If you’re intrigued it’s well worth picking up a copy of “The Surgeon”.

So if you’re looking to start reading a new detective series which features two kick ass female heroines, it’s well worth reading the Rizzoli & Isles series and starting off by reading “The Surgeon”. The very first book in the series.

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Travel writing tips for travel bloggers


Instead of spending all of your free time reading other writer’s travel blogs, it’s well worth trying to turn your dream of becoming a travel blogger into a reality. Especially if you’ve caught the travel bug and would love to visit as many countries around the world as possible. If you’re not sure how to get started simply continue reading in order to discover a few handy travel writing tips which will help you run a successful travel blog.

Travel writing tips for travel bloggers:

Remember to show not tell:

You may remember one of your elementary school English teachers telling you that the best way to tell a story is to show your readers what is going on, instead of simply telling your readers what is going on. You can’t go wrong using descriptive sentences in order to allow your readers to experience exotic locales, the same way you did. Think about writing about how a particular destination effected your five senses. As an example if you visited a market in South East Asia, you may want to describe the colors of the items which were sale and the unique smells which filled the marketplace.

Take unique, eye catching photos to post on your travel blog:

Instead of taking countless selfies which will start to bore your readers it’s a great idea to take unique photos to post on your travel blog. As an example you may want to take photos of the traditional costumes which you come across during a local public parade or celebration. Or you may want to take a photo of a secret beach which you sailed to on a beach trip. Alternatively you may even want to take photos with the individuals who you meet on your journeys such as the new friends which you make. So while it’s fine to show a couple of selfies per trip, make sure to post just as many unique photos as you do selfies.

Reply to any comments which your blog posts attract:

If you respond to any comments which are left on your blog posts not only will your blog look active but your readers are far more likely to continue supporting your blog.

Talk about your favorite experiences from your trips:

Instead of feeling pressured to write about visiting popular attractions feel free to talk about your favorite moments of your trip. When you experienced the beauty of travel. As an example, you may want to write about discovering a small local bar where you had insightful conversations with a few locals or you may want to write about stand up paddle boarding and spotting a sea turtle.

Be honest:

Make sure that you’re honest with your readers. As an example if you are underwhelmed about a particular hotel, activity or attraction, there is no shame in giving an honest review about your experience.

If you dream about becoming a high paid professional travel blogger, it’s well worth using the travel writing tips which are outlined above in order to launch a successful travel blog.

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Careers in writing

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a writer, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover a few different writing careers which was pique your interest.

Careers in writing:

Freelance writer:

If you would love the flexibility of being able to work from your own home, you may be well suited to a career as a professional freelance writer. As you’ll be able to pick your own contracts and clients. Some examples of freelance articles which you may be asked to write include marketing articles for international businesses around the world as well as blogs. Such as travel blogs, tech blogs and fashion blogs.

SEO writer:

As an SEO writer you’ll be tasked with naturally placing targeted keywords in your clients’ content. As an example you may be hired to ensure that w website has been SEO optimized so that the website which you’ve worked on will rank higher on search engine rankings.


If you have a specific hobby which you’re passionate about and which you believe that you’ll be able to write about, you may want to consider publishing your very own blog. As an example if you have a passion for tech you may want to start a blog where you can post blog posts about the latest tech gadgets such as smart phones, laptops and tablets. Alternatively if you have a passion for traveling to resorts around the world, you may want to start a blog about luxury travel. The key is to choose a niche for your blog which you’re genuinely interested in.

Ghost writer:

Ghost writers are hired to write eBooks, short stories and full length novels for third parties. If you’re looking to get into creative writing but don’t have an established reputation as a writer in order to publish your first novel, it may be a valuable experience to ghost write a book. While you won’t get to see your name on the cover of the book which you write, you will get paid well for your work and you won’t have to worry about trying to market or sell the book which you’ve written.


Alternatively if your dream is to see your name on the front of a book, you may want to pursue a career as a professional author. Once you’ve finished writing your first novel, it’s a wise move to send your manuscript to a variety of publishing houses in order to increase your chances of having your book published by a reputable publisher.


If you prefer writing factual pieces of writing over novels, you may want to study to become a journalist. As you’ll be able to cover local news, national news and international news as a professional journalist. As a journalist you may even have the chance to visit foreign countries in order to cover ground breaking international events.

So if you have a knack for writing and are serious about pursuing a group as a writer, it’s well worth finding out more information about some of the writing careers which are listed above.

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A guide to The Bonehunters

If you’ve finished reading “The Lord of the Rings” and “A Song of Fire and Ice” and are looking for an epic fantasy series to read, it’s well worth reading “The Malazan Book of the Fallen”. To discover a guide to one of the best books in the series “The Bonehunters”, simply continue reading. To discover whether or not you’re likely to enjoy “The Bonehunters”.

A guide to “The Bonehunters”:

It was written by Steven Erikson:

Steven Erikson is a successful Canadian author who is known for writing fantasy based series. Erikson is a trained archeologist and is also a fully qualified anthropologist.

The name Steven Erikson is a pen name:

The name Steven Erikson is a pen name. Erikson’s real name is Steve Rune Lundin.

It is the sixth installment in a popular book series:

“The Bonehunters” is the sixth book in “The Mazalan Book of the Fallen”. There are currently 10 books in the series. “The Bonehunters” was originally published in 2016 while the first book in the series “Gardens of the Moon” was published in 1999 and the final book in the series, “The Cripped God” was released in 2011.

The events in “The Bonehunters” take place after the forth book in the series:

While you may assume that the events in “The Bonehunters’, which is the six book in the series take part after the events in the fifth book in the series, the events which unfold in “The Bonehunters” actually take part two months after the conclusion of the forth book in the series.

It’s a lengthy book which features numerous storylines:

“The Bonehunters” is 1,232 pages long and an ideal read if you enjoy fantasy books which feature epic quests and fully fleshed out characters. As it’s such a lengthy book “The Bonehunters” weaves together a myriad of different storylines all of which are connected in some way. Some of Erikson’s fan describe “The Bonehunters” as an expertly crafted tapestry of stories.

Some examples of some of the storylines which take place in “The Bonehunters” includes the story of the last remaining members of the Whirlwind Rebellion, the tale of the Malazan Imperial Court, where numerous individuals fight for power and the fate of the Letherii Empire. The latter of whom are tasked with finding warriors who are skilled enough and brave enough to face the formidable forces of Emperor Rhulad Singer.

It focuses on military battles:

If you enjoy fantasy novels which focus on military strategy and battles, you’ll find it easy to lose yourself in the pages of “The Bonehunters”. As Erikson has a natural talent for describing battle scenes and spends more time narrating his battle scenes then George R. R. Martin and J. R. R Tolkein. However as each of the characters that you’ll meet in “The Bonehunters” has an interesting backstory and personality as well as hidden secrets if you’re not such a bag of epic military battles, there’s still a chance that you’ll enjoy “The Bonehunters”.

So if you’re excited about the idea of discovering another epic fantasy series, you simply can’t go wrong picking up a copy of “The Bonehunters”. Especially if you’re interested in following a multi book series.

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Author profile: Cory Daniells

To discover everything that you need to know about the successful writing career of Cory Daniells, simply continue reading to discover a few fun facts about one of Australia’s most well loved fantasy writers.

Daniells was born in Queensland, Australia:

While Daniells’ novels have found international success, Daniells was born in sunny Queensland, Australia and still calls Australia home,

She has published books under three different names:

While some of her books are published under the name Cory Daniells, some of her series have been published under the name Rowena Cory Daniells or the name RC Daniells.

Many of Daniells’ books are part of multi part series:

The vast majority of Daniells’ books are part of multi part series. As an example, “The Outcast Chronicles” boasts three titles “Besieged”, “Exile” and “Sanctuary”. While the series “KIng Rolen’s Kin” features “The King’s Bastard”, “The Uncrowned King” and “The Usurper”. So if you love getting addicted to book series which feature three or more books, it’s well worth reading some of Daniells’ most popular book series.

She writes multiple different genres:

Instead of sticking to a single genre, Daniells publishes books which fit a variety of different genres. As examples, she frequently writes fantasy books as well as crime focused books. If you’re interested in reading a couple of Daniells’ paranormal novels, you’ll find them under her alias RC Daniells. Which is the name which she uses to publish her paranormal books.

Daniells regularly attends conventions for fans of fantasy books:

If you’re interested in meeting Cory Daniells, you may be able to get one of her books signed at a fantasy book convention. As an example Daniells sometimes attends Dragon Con as well as World Fantasy Con.

To date she has published over 31 different novels for adults and young adults::

To date Daniells has written and published over 31 different novels. Most of which have received glowing reviews on Good Reads. An online platform where avid readers around their world can review and share their thoughts and feelings on the books which they read.

Daniells has been known to respond to her fans’ requests:

In the past Daniells has continued the stories of characters which her fans love. Which shows how much she cares about her fans and how willing she is to accomodate her loyal fan’s requests to discover more stories about their favorite characters.

She has also published books for children:

As well as writing fantasy books, supernatural books and crime books for young adults and children, Daniells has also published numerous books for children. She even writes books for early readers as well as elementary school readers. So if you’re looking for fantasy books which are aimed at children, it’s well worth checking out Daniells’ children’s books.

One reason why Daniells’ decided to start writing books for children as well as for young adults is that she is the proud mom of six children and wanted to write books that her children would love.

She sells books to schools as well as to individuals:

Daniells’ has also written educational books for schools.

So if you’ve never picked up one of Cory Daniells’ books it’s well worth picking up one of her books. Either for yourself or for one of your children. As she writes books for different ages and for fans of different genres.

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Everything that you need to know about Danielle Jensen

Whether you’ve read several of Danielle Jensen’s well written fantasy series or you’re simply looking for a new author whose work may interest you, simply continue reading to discover a few fun facts about the Canadian author Danielle Jensen.

Everything that you need to know about Danielle Jensen:

She was born in Calgary, Canada:

Jensen is a successful Canadian writer who has won numerous awards for her fantasy books. Jensen still lives in Calgary with her family, where she is a highly regarded author.

She writes fantasy books for young adults:

Although Jensen also writes romance novels the vast majority of books which she publishes are fantasy books. Some of which have been written specifically for young adults. So if you’re a fan of fantasy sagas, romance books or books aimed at young adults, it’s well worth checking out some of Jensen’s work.

Most of her books are part of larger series:

Instead of writing stand alone novels most of Jensen’s books are part of larger series. Some of which include “The Malediction Trilogy”, “The Dark Shore Series”, “The Bridge Kingdom Series” and “The Folk of the Air Series”. So if you fall in love with one of her series you won’t have any trouble finding a second fantasy series to read in your spare time.

Her favorite quotes are popular quotes by Oscar Wilde:

Jensen cites the classic author Oscale Wilde as one of her writing inspirations and has listed several of Wilde’s quotes amongst her favorite quotes.

Jensen often writes series which feature surprising characters:

While Jensen does write fantasy books which feature witches and goddesses she also writes fantasy books which feature surprising characters. As an example she once published a series about trolls.

She wrote an original book for Audible:

If you enjoy listening to audiobooks you’re also in luck as Jensen wrote an original book for Audible which she named “The Bridge Kingdom”. “The Bridge Kingdom” is a stand alone book and is well worth listening to if you enjoy sitting back and relaxing to a good audiobook from time to time.

In “The Bridge Kingdom” a princess named Lara who has been trained as a spy since she could work, falls in love with the man who she is supposed to kill. Will Lara kill the love of her life in order to fulfil the oath which she swore to her people or will she find a way to honor her heart as well as her kingdom. You’ll have to read “The Bridge Kingdom”, in order to find out.

Jensen enjoys interacting with her loyal fans:

If you’re a fan of Jensen’s work it’s well worth sending her a friend request on Good Books as she follows back anyone who sends her a friend request. As she loves to hear feedback from her fans and also enjoys sharing some of her inspiration for her new series with her online fans.

If you’re interested in reading some of Danielle Jensen’s work, it’s well worth picking up one of her fantasy series of listening to “The Bridge Kingdom” via Audible.

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Food & Drink Inspiration: Tips For Foodies

If you’re a self confessed foodie and love testing out new recipes, hosting dinner events and attending food related events, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few inspiring food and drink ideas which you may find useful.

Food & Drink Inspiration: Tips For Foodies

Consider treating yourself to a meal at a vineyard:

If you’re lucky enough to live within close proximity of a vineyard, it’s well worth treating yourself and your partner or a friend or family member to a special lunch at a vineyard. As most vineyards offer wine pairings for each meal on their menu. So that you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine or two which is perfectly matched to your meal.

If you don’t live within an hour’s drive of a vineyard you may want to plan a weekend road trip to your nearest vineyard or you may want to make plans to visit a vineyard on your next overseas vacation. Especially if you love the idea of traveling to Spain, France or Italy. All of which are known for their world class food and wine.

Follow food bloggers to find out about exciting new recipes:

Instead of purchasing new cook books you can find innovative, creative new recipes to test out by following popular food bloggers. As there are no shortage of inspiring food bloggers to follow. Who’ll post simply to follow recipes that you’ll be able to test out at home. As an example, you may want to learn how to prepare recipes from different international cuisines.

Visit your local food expo:

Most cities around the world feature annual food expos where you’ll be able to sample different food products from local companies for free. Which is a great idea as you may try new foods which you fall in love with, which you may never have purchased from your local store. As an example you may discover a new cheese company or an in ice cream company whose products you love, that you’ll be able to purchase from local stores following the food expo which you attend.

Attend different cultural festivals in order to try authentic dishes from different parts of the world:

It’s well worth attending different cultural festivals and food fairs in your city in order to try out different dishes from different parts of the world. As an example you may be interested in attending a Chinese New Year festival or a Indian food fair, to try delicious Chinese and Indian dishes.

Visit your local farmers market:

If there is a farmers market in your area it’s well worth making an effort to attend a local farmers market where you’ll be able to sample prepared snacks and meals and find artisan food products to take home. As a bonus you should be able to pick up inexpensive fresh produce from your local farmers market.

So if you’re a self confessed foodie and are always looking for new food related tips, it’s well worth trying out some of the fun food focused tips which are listed out above.