Privacy and Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?
This website, A Fantastical Librarian, utilises cookies. A cookie is a simple, small file that’s sent along with pages (and/or flash-applications) of this site and are stored on your computer’s hard drive by your browser. The information stored in these files can be resend to our servers on a return visit.

Cookies on A Fantastical Librarian
A Fantastical Librarian creates functional cookies which will be deleted once you close your browser. A Fantastical Librarian tracks its website analytics through the WP Slimstat plugin, which also places a (first party) cookie, but this is only accessible and readable by the site itself and expires after 30 minutes. In addition, if you accept cookies WP Cookie Banner will place a cookie to remember that you’ve accepted cookies.

Social Media Cookies
A Fantastical Librarian has included buttons on its site so visitors can promote posts they like on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These buttons function through the use of strings of code created by Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These codes place cookies. A Fantastical Librarian does not have any influence in this. Please read the relevant privacy statements (keep in mind they can be updated regularly) to read how they treat your (personal) information.

The information they track is anonymised as much as possible. The information is transferred to and by Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and stored on servers located in the United States. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ claim to follow the Safe Harbor principles and are enlisted in the Safe Harbor-programme of the United States Department of Commerce. This entails that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of potential personal information.

Consent to Place Cookies
On June 5th 2012 the Dutch government passed a law to comply with the EU Cookie Law which makes it mandatory for all Dutch website to ask implicit consent before adding cookies. A Fantastical Librarian uses WP Cookie Banner by Creare in combination with the WP DoNotTrack plugin by Frank Goossens. An effort has been made to have this consent pop-up appear only in EU countries, however, it might also appear to visitors from outside the EU.  Unfortunately, when embedding content from third-party websites – such as YouTube, Slideshare, TED, or Vimeo – these sites can register information on visitors. A Fantastical Librarian has no control over this. Visitors can avoid block this by using tools such as Ghostery.

Right to Review, Edit or Remove Personal Information
A Fantastical Librarian has no way to edit or remove information that has been collected by WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. In addition, access to the collected user information is limited to that which is provided by the analytical reports these companies provide.

As regards personal information collected through the comments, visitors have to fill out a name/alias and email address to comment, but the email address is only visible to the site administrator. Email addresses will only be used in case the administrator needs to contact the commenter and the collected addresses will never be published, sold, or distributed in any way. The WP Slimstat plugin collects IP-addresses, but these are only visible to the site administrator and purged every three months. Again collected information will never be published, sold, or distributed in any way.

How to Remove Cookies
You can find instructions on how to remove and/or block cookies in the help section of your browser.

More Information on Cookies
For more information on cookies, please visit the sites below: [Dutch]
Cookies – advice for members of the public from the Information Commissioner’s Office
The Ultimate Guide to Cookies

Credits go to and Vakblog – werken met informatie for invaluable information and inspiration.

Page last updated: March 3 2017.