As you may have noticed, it has been rather quiet of late. I know that I still owe you a winner of the Julie Czerneda giveaway, which will come later this week. But today I want to announce some changes to the blog. In the past year, finding the energy and time to blog has been a struggle. In some ways blogging just wasn’t fun anymore. I often jokingly said that I had three jobs: being a mum, my day job, and the blog. But that’s actually not a really healthy situation, especially if I want to do other things as well. So to make the blog feel like a joyful thing again instead of a chore, I will have to make changes. 

Firstly, I’ve pulled my review policy and effective immediately, unless you are a publicist/author I’ve worked with before, I will not be accepting requests. This will allow me to read all the books I’ve bought over the past few years, but never got around to reading, and to work through all the unread books on my shelves (which right now amount to over two full bookcases). Most importantly, it will allow me to not feel as if I’m constantly letting people down by not reviewing the books they’ve sent me.

Secondly, my lovely husband has offered to write up reviews for me, especially since he’s now at a job where he has time to type out stuff during his breaks. And he has been reading up a storm. So you can expect to see more of his reviews in the near future.

Lastly, I’m stepping away from a set posting schedule. Posts will be up when they are up.

Hopefully these changes will let me find the joy in blogging again and let A Fantastical Librarian be around for a long while to come. And hopefully you’ll stay with me for the duration.