TBR Confessional

SadbookcaseSo last week Renay tagged me in a game of book tag about out To Be Read piles and I thought it would be fun to fill it out. I had somewhat of a hard time with some of the questions, but in the end I came up with answers for all of them. And it’s made me even more desperate for a time turner so I can catch up on my reading. So here are my answers:

The Intimidating TBR Tag

1. What book have you been unable to finish?

brianruckley-winterbirthI usually finish books I start, because since starting A Fantastical Librarian I review practically every fiction book I’ve read. I have read sample chapters for things like Fifty Shades and not gone on, but I’m not counting those, because I didn’t actually have the entire book. So that means I have to go back a while for a book I didn’t finish. Checking in with my Goodreads, I’d have to go with Brian Ruckley’s Winterbirth. Quoting my Goodreads review for this: “Having made it till page 96 for some reason this book never truly got going for me. Being almost 1/6 through the book, I still didn’t have a clue where it was going and who exactly was/were the main protagonist/s. The writer does have a pleasant writing style which kept me going after the first 50 pages (my normal cutoff point) just because I kept wanting to give him a chance. Unfortunately, it never paid off.”

2. Which book haven’t you read yet because you haven’t had the time?




Uhm, all of these? But perhaps the one I’ll choose here is Day Four by Sarah Lotz. Sarah is one of my favourite writers ever and I absolutely adored The Three. I was so excited for Day Four and I couldn’t wait to read it and the new edition of her Pompidou Posse that also came out last year, but then I had my epic reading breakdown and Day Four kept being pushed aside for newer publications I needed to review for publication day. I bought Day Four myself and I always feel I need to read review copies first, so it’s still waiting for me.

3. Which book haven’t you read yet because it’s a sequel? 

sebastiendecastell-knightsshadowSebastien de Castell’s Knight’s Shadow and for that matter the next one called Saint’s Blood. These books are huge, they’re bricks and while I loved Traitor’s Blade, the first in the Greatcoats series, when looking at them and the three other review copies I could read in the same time, they got pushed aside. That is one of the things that sometimes make me sad with the reviewing game, that so often I end up not reading later books in series, because of the debut, standalone, or first-in-series that I get sent to read. Perhaps this is something I need to make a goal of next year, to read more follow-up books in a series…

4. Which book haven’t you read yet because it’s brand new? 

mirandaemmerson-misstreadwayandthefieldofstarsThat one is easy! Miranda Emmerson’s Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars. It is an ARC I got at the Big Book Bonanza last month. It sounds like an awesome historical crime story—well, historical, it’s set in 1965, which is almost fifteen years before I was born, so I’m counting it as historical. Miranda was at the Big Book Bonanza and she told us about some of the influences on the book and I’m really looking forward to. However, the book won’t be out until January, so I’ve been saving it for Christmas break.

5. Which book haven’t you read yet because you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it? 

Adam Christopher’s The Machine Awakens. I read Christopher’s debut Empire State and didn’t really get along with it, so when The Machine Awakens came along as the second book in a series of which I hadn’t read the first, it was easy to let it just remain on the shelf.

6. Which book haven’t you read yet because you’re just not in the mood for it? 

emmanewman-alittleknowledge2016Emma Newman’s A Little Knowledge, because I’m saving that for a time that I really need something to make me happy. Newman is another of my very favourite writers (and a glorious human being to boot) and her Split Worlds such a wonderful setting that any story set there always puts a smile on my face. So I’m saving the fourth book in the series for a weekend where I need a pick me up to make me feel better.

7. Which book haven’t you read yet because it’s humongous?

Sooooo many, but paper-wise Ben Peek’s Leviathan’s Blood and e-book-wise: Rowena Corey Daniells’ The Fall of Fair Isle omnibus, which is 1138 pages on my iPad.

8. Which book haven’t you read yet because it was a cover buy that turned out to have poor reviews?

cixinliu-thedarkforestTo be honest, the last time that I bought a book based solely on the cover was before I started A Fantastical Librarian, and at that time I didn’t yet read reviews. However, I did buy Liu Cixin’s Dark Forest sight unseen, because I loved The Three-Body Problem, but I haven’t read it yet partially because reactions have been mixed.

9. What is the most intimidating book in your TBR pile?

joannaruss-howtosuppresswomenswritingJoanna Russ’ How to Suppress Women’s Writing. This is such an important and fundamental read for any feminist SFF fan and I’m afraid that I might not understand it or not read it right? I know these are probably stupid and unreasonable fears, but there you go.

10. Who do you tag?

I’m always really uncomfortable tagging people for these sorts of things, so I’m not tagging anyone. However, please feel free to run with it and do let me know if you post it, because I’m curious to learn more about your TBRs!