Henry L. Herz – Little Red Cuttlefish

henrylherz-littleredcuttlefishLittle Red is off to deliver a fresh basket of crab cakes to Grandma Cuttlefish. Everything goes swimmingly . . .at first. While Little Red might be safe from any big, bad wolves, she has to look out for something even more dangerous: the hungry tiger shark!

Luckily, this cuttlefish is anything but cuddly, and Little Red has a few tricks hidden up her tentacles. She’ll camouflage, squirt ink clouds, and use her quick reflexes to outwit that pesky shark and deliver her crab cakes unharmed. After all—she doesn’t want to miss dessert!

Little Red Cuttlefish is the second book out from Henry L. Herz this month. This time it’s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, but one with a twist. I really enjoyed the fact that Little Red didn’t need rescuing, but did the rescuing herself. The colourful, bright illustrations by Kate Gotfredson capture the story beautifully and also give little readers plenty of interesting elements to search out. My favourite thing was the little clownfish that was hiding in each page and having my girls try and spot him. 

Of course, as is usual for picture book reviews on A Fantastical Librarian, my daughters (4 & 6) helped me review the book by giving their opinions. Cat (4), enjoyed the colours and looking at the coral reefs. Emma (6) had more opinions. She thought Little Red’s biting the shark on his tail was hilarious. Her favourite thing was Little Red sharing and eating cakes with her grandma. And she thought the illustration of mama Cuttlefish with the basket of crab cakes was the prettiest image.

Henry L. Herz’s Little Red Cuttlefish is an entertaining retelling of a familiar tale, that will attract younger readers with its bright illustrations and will keep older readers’ interest with the little details hidden on each page.

This book was provided for review by the publisher.