A Fantastical Librarian turns six!

birthdayI’m actually a day early with A Fantastical Librarian’s birthday post, because I’ve scheduled an interview for tomorrow, so I thought I’d celebrate today. I can’t believe this place is six years old tomorrow! I know I say this every year, but who knew I’d last this long?

The past year has been a bit of an odd one though. For various reasons life got in the way and I had a lot of trouble just sitting down and writing out my reviews or even losing myself in a book. So for the past year there have been the odd stretches of irregular posting or even complete silence. So thanks to everyone still reading and subscribing for sticking around. I’m going to try and be more regular in my posting, but I’ve learned my lesson in promising things and then failing at it, so that’s a statement of intent not a promise.

Still, I’ve read some amazing books in the past twelve months (Black Wolves, The Fifth Season, Planetfall, On the Edge of Gone, I’m looking at you!), made some awesome new friends (Hi Team Sparkle Rocket), and went to a fabulous convention (Nine Worlds see you in three weeks!) and despite all that has been going on, it’s the community I’ve found through the blog that’s kept me sane and going, so thank you all and here’s to the next year!

Have a cupcake!

Have a cupcake!


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