Posting interrupted

intermission-435441_640The past three months have been a bit lot spotty in the posting department. This has been for various reasons, but mostly it has been because I’m tired. Apparently, working four days a week, having a family to care for and running a blog isn’t as forgiving in the energy department as one would like. In the past six months life has thrown several spanners in the works and after removing most of them and while still working on the last couple, I’ve run out of spoons. 

This has resulted in irregular posting, which has increasingly left me feeling guilty and stressed, which in turn makes it even harder to focus on actually writing reviews, which leaves me even more stressed, which and so on and so forth. After spending the past few weeks being angry at myself for not living up to my own (arguably high) expectations, I’ve decided that something has got to give. So I’m giving myself time off from A Fantastical Librarian. I’ll be posting those interviews and guest posts I’ve committed to and I might post some more as I’ve found getting interviews together easier on the brain than writing reviews. But other than that I’ve given myself permission to not write reviews or at least write reviews when I feel like it. That means you might see reviews in the coming two months or you might not. I currently have almost seventeen books I still need to review, some of which I’m almost finished writing, others I haven’t even started. I might just do flash reviews for some of them, just to clear the backlog, which might also help in the getting back into the groove department. This also means that I won’t be running my usual wrap up posts in at the end of the year, at least not the Anticipated Books series, I might get it together enough to do the favourite end of year lists. I don’t know, we’ll see…

So what does this mean for A Fantastical Librarian? Until next year the blog will be quieter than usual and if there are posts they will most likely be mainly interviews. I do hope to be back refreshed and de-stressed next year and back to the regular reviewing routine. And of course, I hope that you’ll keep reading even if I’m not posting as often. Also, you can always find me on Twitter, where I’m hoping to be around more as well.