Anticipated Reads (Summer-Autumn) 2015

2015In the past week and a half I’ve brought you my Anticipated Books for Summer/Autumn 2015 and today I bring you the fifteen books I anticipate reading the most in the coming six months. As usual it’s a list of fifteen, as there are just too many good books to choose from and I always have a hard time getting the list down to the more usual ten books. Also as per usual, I’ve excluded many books I’m really looking forward to reading right out of the gate, for example all the new instalments in series I’ve been reading. If I loved the previous book in the series, it’s a good bet I’ll want to read the next one. Some examples of these are Claire McGowan’s The Silent Dead, Edward Cox’s second book The Cathedral of Known Things, Stephanie Saulter’s Regeneration, Rebecca Levene’s The Hunter’s Kind, and the final book in Snorri Kristjansson’s Valhalla series Path of Gods.

So below in alphabetical order by author is my list, with a little explanation of why I really can’t wait to read these books. Do you agree or would you have chosen differently from the lists I posted recently? 

Leigh Bardugo – Six of Crows 
Bardugo’s previous trilogy was much beloved and I’ve been curious about her writing. When I read the synopsis for her new book Six of Crows I knew I had to read it. A heist novel with a Dirty Dozen-esque crew—I couldn’t even resist if I wanted to, as it hits several of my weak spots. Add to that a stunning cover and I was sold.

Aliette de Bodard – The House of Shattered Wings
I love Aliette de Bodard’s short fiction. She creates fantastic characters in a fascinating setting, whether the stories are set in her Xuya universe or in her Aztec-inspired world. Her new full-length novel, her first in four years, The House of Shattered Wings is set in an equally fascinating world: the ruins of a post-magical-war Paris. I love Paris and if you add magic and fallen angels into the mix, it sounds like the perfect blend. I can’t wait to discover a new De Bodard world and to read my first full-length novel penned by her.

Alex Campbell – Cloud 9
Campbell’s debut novel Land was an unexpected pleasure for me last year. Her fascinating take on a dystopian walled society, set in a city surrounded by water after a catastrophic flood resonated with me due to its watery setting and some of the clever political plot elements she included. Her new book Cloud 9 sounds equally fascinating with a look at a different way of controlling a populace, medicating them into placability. I can’t wait to discover whether Cloud 9 is as riveting as Land was.

Becky Chambers – The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Chambers’ debut first came to my attention when she was short-listed for The Golden Tentacle. The first self-published novel to have been nominated for a Kitschie award and one for which several of my friends had nothing but praise. It wasn’t long before Hodder and Stoughton snapped the book up for traditional publication and I can’t wait to read it. Because the story sounds like it will be an amazing amount of fun. Space travel, interesting crew on a small ship, big stakes: bring it on!

Zen Cho – Sorcerer to the Crown
Regency London, magic, a Fairy Court, an African Sorceror Royal, a female magical prodigy… shut up and take my money already! But seriously. Zen Cho’s short fiction is delightful and I’ve loved every piece of hers I’ve read, so naturally her first full-length novel would be of interest to me. If it turns out that it is chockful with fantasy elements that I adore, resistance is absolutely futile!

Cassandra Rose Clarke – Our Lady of the Ice
Clarke’s previous novels were all YA fantasy, so a gritty SF detective novel is a bit of a departure. Still, I adored her previous books and her writing, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in such a totally different setting and genre. Besides which, Our Lady of the Ice sounds bloody exciting and I would want to read the story even if it wasn’t written by an author I admire.

Gitty Daneshvari – The League of Unexceptional Children
The concept behind Daneshvari’s The League of Unexceptional Children immediately spoke to me. Who hasn’t dreamed of being special despite not being the coolest, smartest, prettiest, or funniest kid in your class? I know I have! This middle grade novel sounds like it will be great fun and I love the idea unexceptional heroes.

Kim Devereux – Rembrandt’s Mirror
Leiden, my hometown, is Rembrandt’s city of birth, which is still celebrated annually. Not to mention the fact that every schoolchild is taught that Rembrandt is one of our countries greatest artists ever. When I saw the cover for Kim Devereux’s Rembrandt’s Mirror, I was immediately captivated by it and when I read the synopsis, I was sold. The book sounds wonderfully intriguing and is set in a fascinating era of Dutch history, featuring one of our greatest national heroes. I can’t not read it!

Kate Elliott – Court of Fives & Black Wolves
So this is a bit of a cheat, a two for the price of one. Earlier this year I read The Very Best of Kate Elliott and it inspired me to catch up on all of her writing that I’ve missed, which is numerous, but I also had the chance to get in on the groundfloor with two new series as Elliott in publishing not one, but two books this autumn. The first, out in August, is Court of Fives. I’ve actually already read this thanks to a friend lending me their ARC and it was every bit as wonderful as I’d expected from the blurb. Look for a review of it sometime next week. It’s a YA fantasy featuring an awesome heroine and a fascinating world with influencing from around the Pacific. The second, Black Wolves, is an adult fantasy and it sound epically delicious. I can’t wait to read it come November.

N.K. Jemisin – The Fifth Season
I’ve loved Jemisin’s writing ever since reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and I have all of her books, even if I still need to read her previous duology. So a new N.K. Jemisin book is always cause for celebration. The description for this book and the series is fantastic and since it’s Jemisin, it is a given that I’ll read the book.

Sarah Lotz – Pompidou Posse
It’s a Sarah Lotz book, what more do I need to add? In case you need more of an explanation. I adore Lotz’s writing and I’ve heard more than one of my friends who’ve read this book sing its praises in the last couple of years. And I can’t wait to have the chance to read it myself.

Julie Murphy – Dumplin’
With a fabulous cover and a great premise, how could I not want to read Dumplin’? This is the sort of book I wish had been around when I was a teen. A book full of body positivity, where the heroine doesn’t need to get a transformative makeover to be the best she can be and win the person of her dreams, but one where she is fine as she is, she only needs to reaffirm that for herself.

Emma Newman – Planetfall
Emma Newman is one of my favourite authors. Her Split Worlds books are fantastic and are the kind of reads that just leave me happy when I read them. So to have her next novel be an SF one was a huge surprise. But Newman can write whatever she wants, I’ll read it regardless. And Planetfall sounds as if it will be a great story with fascinating characters so I can’t wait for November to get my paws on this lovely book.

Ilka Tampke – Skin
Ilka Tampke’s Skin is a gorgeous-looking book. It also has a fascinating premise that sounds as it is a dystopian tale, but it is actually a historical narrative. 43 AD Britain, the Britain of the Celts, has always been fascinating to me and Skin sounds as if it could hit all of my sweet spots.

Catherynne M. Valente – Radiance
“decopunk pulp SF alt-history space opera mystery” — sold! I love Valente’s writing style and I loved her previous novel for adults Deathless. Radiance sounds as if it will be just as magical and fascinating as that previous book, but with a completely different setting and feel. I love art deco so that aspect certainly appeals and the way the writing techniques in the book are described drawing from reality TV, gossip columns, and classic film makes the book sound incredily intriguing.


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  1. 2 of these are on my To Read list! Well, 3, but if you want to get technical about it, I’ve already read House of Shattered Wings, so it’s no longer a To Read. It was a great book, though; I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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