Return of the Librarian or where I’ve been

So you may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet around here and on Twitter. This was due to me and the family being away for a few days visiting my sister in law in Sweden. We had a fantastic time visiting her and her family and Sweden was lovely even though the weather was mostly atrocious—we had rain four days out of five! We did however see lots of beautiful scenery and wild animals. We saw a raven, a fox, reindeer, deer, and even a couple of elk. There was snow, lots of forest, hills, mountains, lakes, and rivers. 


The girls and Wiebe walking to our stuga


The nature views were awesome!

While I did bring my laptop and I had internet access, I ended up not doing a whole lot on there; during the days we were out and about and in the evenings I just wanted to read. This means that I’ll be writing up a bunch of reviews during the next few days and getting back on schedule for historical fiction month, before I go back to work next week.

When I got home there was much rejoicing about a certain little package that was delivered in my absence, since it contained these:


And yes, I do have two copies of the book, one for me and one for my dad. It was really exciting to hold the finished copy in my hand and it looks really beautiful in person. Also, it has MY NAME on the back cover next to all of these awesome people! </brag>

So that’s where I’ve been since last week. From tomorrow it’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.