Recaps and Upfronts – February and March

RecapsSo February went by in a haze of coughing and lurgy and it is now finally March, which means it’s only three more weeks until we officially hit spring. Hurray! I’m so over winter. In other cheery news, we’ve booked the hotel and plane tickets, so no going back on it now: We’re going to Nine Worlds in August!! *muppet flail* So excited! 

Book-wise February was a good month, as I read some excellent titles and I managed to review most of them for the blog already. I reviewed ten books, which means I kept to my no more than three reviews a week in the mean and I had some great interviews this month. Gender parity is a tad balanced towards the male side, but hopefully that will come right in the next month again. So what happened on the blog?

In February I reviewed the following books:

Kate Elliott – The Very Best of Kate Elliott
Sally Gardner – The Door That Led to Where
Henry Herz – Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes
Nick Pengelley – Ryder: American Treasure
Rebecca Whitney – The Liar’s Chair
David Churchill – The Leopards of Normandy: Devil
Rebecca Burns – The Settling Earth
Sue Tingey – Marked

I had the following interviews:

Author Query – Tim Marquitz
Author Query – Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Author Query – Adrian Tchaikovsky
Author Query Redux – Carrie Patel

I had two reviews in my Kellerman Reread:

Kellerman Reread: Over the Edge
Kellerman Reread: Silent Partner

March is a busy month away from the blog, with several birthdays – Cat turns 3 on the 8th and Emma turns 5 on April 1st, but since the weekend after is Easter weekend, we’ll be celebrating in March. In addition, I’ll be running a ton of instructions over the next two weeks at work, so hopefully I’ll be able to fit in the blogging around all of that!

However, I do already have some great guest posts and interviews lined up, including some Blogger Queries – woohoo I finally got my butt in gear and sent out some interview requests for those! – and if I actually manage to write the reviews today and tomorrow the coming week is also covered, so fingers crossed things won’t go too quiet around here. Oh, and I also need to really get on my nominations for the Hugo’s as those close by the end of the month!

As for what I’ll be reading, I have some things locked in, but I’ve also decided to cut loose and read whatever I want from my TBR-pile as I feel like it instead of tightly planned, which is still something I’m not really good at. I find myself still trying to plan out my reading if only in tinier increments. Anyway those are my plans for March.

What about you? Anything exciting on the horizon? Any tips on how to read without a plan?