Recaps and Upfronts – January and February

RecapsJanuary was a good month here on the blog, I kept to my no more than three reviews a week, but that didn’t mean I only had three posts a week. In fact, I had a post up most days. And between the reviews, interviews, guest posts and other posts, I pretty much maintained gender parity as well, so that’s two of my bloggy resolutions kept up in the first month! I’m also ahead of the curve of my number of books to read this year, so thus far I’m pretty pleased. So what did January look like in posts? 

In January I reviewed the following books:

Colette McBeth – The Life I Left Behind
Stephanie Saulter – Binary
Thomas Sweterlitsch – Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Jennifer Brozek – Apocalypse Girl Dreaming
Alex Bell – Frozen Charlotte
Lou Morgan – Sleepless
David Duchovny – Holy Cow
Eve Karlin – City of Liars and Thieves
Brian Staveley – The Providence of Fire
Lavie Tidhar – A Man Lies Dreaming

I had the following interviews and Guest Posts:

Guest Post: Jamie Schultz on Premonitions, chronic illness, and the importance of friendship
Author Query – Genevieve Cogman
Author Query – Naomi Foyle
Author Query – Brian Staveley
Author Query – Jen Wiliams
Guest Post: Colette McBeth on Researching Forensics

I had an introduction and two reviews in my Kellerman Reread:

Kellerman Reread: An Introduction
Kellerman Reread: When the Bough Breaks
Kellerman Reread: Blood Test

And I had the following miscellaneous posts:

Upfronts 2015: Bookish Resolutions
In the news: Cover for Joshua Winning’s Ruins
Freeing Hostage: even series are hybrid these days

February looks to be another good month on the blog. I have some pretty interesting books lined up and some equally interesting interviews in the pipeline. However, I won’t be starting my Blogger Query series back up this month, because I haven’t yet gotten to sending out my invitations. So it’ll be another month for those to start up again. And I’ll be starting to pull my thoughts together on what and who I want to nominate for the Hugo’s. But other than that and the usual reviews and such, I don’t really haven’t got anything planned.

How about you? What are your plans for February?


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  1. My plans for February involve taking another week off blogging so I can work more on cleaning up my old apartment and moving to a new house. It’s going to be a slow month for me, book-wise, sadly. But March should be better!

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