Recaps and Upfronts – June and July

RecapsWe’re officially half way through the year. Half way! Which also means that today is my birthday and that in three weeks I’ll be celebrating A Fantastical Librarian’s 4th birthday. But before we get to July, let’s look back at June. Last month was super busy on the blog with loads of interviews and guest posts and my anticipated books series.I read some amazing books and caught up on the Hodderscape Review Project. I’m currently only one book behind in reading, though I still need to review Speed of Dark, which I’ve read but not reviewed yet. My Gender Parity resolution is still on track, with 38 books by women, 35 by men, and 5 titles either by multiple authors or unknown or non-binary defined authors. So I’m pleased about that. 

In June I reviewed the following books:

T.E. Woods – The Red Hot Fix
Sarah Jamila Stevenson – The Truth Against the World
Snorri Kristjansson – Blood Will Follow
Jon Sprunk – Blood and Iron
Robin Riopelle – Deadroads
Kat Ross – Some Fine Day
Corinne Duyvis – Otherbound
Mark Lawrence – Prince of Fools
Joe Abercrombie – Half a King
Chantal Noordeloos – Coyote: The Outlander
Isla Morley – Above

I hosted the following interviews and guest post:

Guest Post: Lisa Ann O’Kane on the Cults in Essence [Blog Tour]
Author Query – Helen Grant [Blog Tour]
Author Query – Snorri Kristjansson
Author Query – Aidan Harte
Guest Post: Craig Cormick on The Bard and The Shadow Master
Author Query – Corinne Duyvis
Author Query – James A Moore
Author Query – Mark Charan Newton

I posted my Anticipated Books for the summer and fall:

Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Introduction
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Fantasy July-September
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Fantasy October-December
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Science Fiction and Horror
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Fiction & Thrillers
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Crime and Historical Crime Fiction
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Historical Fiction July-September
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Historical Fiction October-December
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: Middle Grade
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: YA July-August
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: YA September
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2014: YA October-December
Anticipated Reads (Summer-Fall) 2014

And these miscellaneous posts:

The Skyscraper Throne Reread Week 19
Musketeers in SPAAAAAACE!
Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A close down: a round-up of the links

As I said above, July is birthday month both for me and for the blog. Though we’ve already celebrated my birthday last weekend and I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing for the blog’s birthday. What I will be doing this month is trying to at least read the short fiction categories for the Hugos so I can vote in an informed manner. I also have lots of reviews planned including some real chunksters, so fingers crossed I get everything read in-between watching the Tour de France!

How about you? What is your July looking like?