Recaps and Upfronts – April and May

RecapsI can’t believe it’s time for another recap post already. It feels like it was April first yesterday! We started off the month getting into a new groove at Casa Librarian as Emma started school. She’s loving it, but I’m having to adjust to having to work later due to having to drop her off at school and thus getting to work later. Still, it so much fun to see how much she’s enjoying going to school and feeling all grown up about it too.  


Emma and Cat on the way to dropping Emma off at school for the first time.

Blog-wise it was also a busy month. I posted my Hugo nominations and and my thoughts about the short list when it was announced. The discussion online has been wide and varied and while I wasn’t all that enthused about some of the fiction nominations, the fan categories were awesome and it’ll be so interesting to see who takes it home. I reviewed sixteen books, five of them by male authors and eleven by women, so I’d call that a win in the gender parity department. I’ve read some amazing books this month and there are certainly some in there that’ll be making appearances on my year’s end lists. So what exactly did I post in the past thirty days?

In April I reviewed the following books:

Jennifer E. Smith – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Jonathan Strahan – The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Eight
Michael Boatman – Last God Standing
Scott Tracey – Darkbound
Robert A. Heinlein – The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Sophia McDougall – Mars Evacuees
Naomi Foyle – Astra
Michael J. Sullivan – Hollow World
Sarah Lotz – The Three
Emma Newman – All is Fair
Claire McGowan – The Lost
Claire McGowan – The Dead Ground
Helene Dunbar – These Gentle Wounds
Kim Curran – Glaze
Kathryn Rose – Camelot Burning
Alison Littlewood – The Unquiet House

I hosted the following interview and guest posts:

Guest Post: E.J. Swift on Post-ecological Politics in The Osiris Project
Author Query – Claire McGowan
Guest Post: Alison Littlewood on writing horror and her favourite female horror writers

Other miscellaneous posts:

My 2014 Hugo Nominations Ballot
Coming Attractions: Historical Fiction Month
The Skyscraper Throne Reread Week 11
2014 Hugo Awards Nomination Thoughts

As announced previously, May will be historical fiction month, though to be honest I’ll be posting a review for a fantasy book on Friday, as I finished it yesterday and am too wiped out to write a review for it tonight. I’m really excited for it as I’ve some really good books lined up that I’ve been looking forward to reading very much. Other than that I’ll be starting to gather titles for my anticipated reads posts for the second half of the year, which I’m hoping to post in the second half of June. So that’s me in May. What do you have planned for May?