Coming Attractions: Historical Fiction Month

book-316411_640This coming May will be all about the historical fiction here on A Fantastical Librarian. There were some awesome releases in the past month and I still had some fantastic books in my TBR-pile that had been languishing there in favour of the new and shiny. So when I jokingly told someone that I needed to do an exclusive historical fiction month, I actually decided to do just that. I have a list of titles I want to read and some interviews and guest posts lined up. And it’s not just straight historical fiction; there is some historical crime and some historical supernatural suspense in there as well. So I hope you’ll enjoy the month, even if you’re not a regular historical fiction reader; I know I’m looking forward to getting stuck-in on these titles. 

This first selection is the books I’ve already scheduled and am definitely planning to read:

Andrew Hughes – The Convictions of John Delahunt
Anthony Riches – The Wolf’s Gold
Anthony Riches – The Eagles of Vengeance
Anthony Riches – The Emperor’s Knives
Bartholomew Daniels – Rotten at the Heart
Paul Fraser Collard – The Scarlet Thief
Lauren Owen – The Quick [blog tour]
Giles Kristian – God of Vengeance
Nick Brown – The Far Shore
Henry Venmore-Rowland – The Sword and the Throne
Andrew Swanston – The King’s Exile
Victoria Lamb – Her Last Assassin
Antonia Hodgson – The Devil in the Marshalsea
Simon Scarrow – The Blood Crows

Since May has several extra days off due to holidays, I might get more reading done than I expect, so I have a list of back up books which I’ll slot in if I finish my primary list earlier than planned:

Lindsey Davis – Enemies at Home
Sarah Pinborough – Murder
Lyndsay Faye – Dust and Shadows
Katherine Clements – The Crimson Ribbon
Paul Fraser Collard – The Maharajah’s General
John Henry Clay – The Lion and the Lamb

So that’s what you can expect in May on A Fantastical Librarian! Are there any titles that appeal to you at first blush?