Recaps and Upfronts – January and February

RecapsJanuary was a solid month, with a good mix of guest posts, interviews and of course, reviews. As I’d resolved in my Bookish Resolutions I kept to my three reviews a week, though not always on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule I’d planned. I’ve been telling myself the week only ends on Sunday, so it doesn’t matter if I post a review in the weekend. I’m doing well on my gender parity resolution. In January I read and reviewed thirteen books, five by men, five by women, and three by an author whose identity is unknown. Not only that, on the whole they were wonderful books as well. January was also rather heavy on the epic fantasy, with five titles that could be categorised as such. It’s been fun to read a lot in the sub-genre that first got me hooked on fantasy. So what exactly did I read and post? Let’s have a look.  

In January I reviewed the following books:

Jacqueline Koyanagi – Ascension
Liz de Jager – Banished
Mazarkis Williams – The Emperor’s Knife
Mazarkis Williams – Knife Sworn
Mazarkis Williams – The Tower Broken
David Logan – The League of Sharks
Rebecca Mascull – The Visitors
Christopher Gortner – The Tudor Conspiracy
Amalie Howard – The Almost Girl
Laura Lam – Shadowplay
Brian Staveley – The Emperor’s Blades
Paul Kearney – A Different Kingdom

I hosted the following guest posts and interviews:

Author Query – Geoffrey Gudgion
Author Query – Mazarkis Williams
Guest Post: Mazarkis Williams on Saying Goodbye
Guest Post: David Logan – Where did the idea for The League of Sharks come from?
Author Query – Christopher Gortner [Blog Tour]

And I reviewed another book in the Midkemia Reread:

Midkemia Reread: Raymond E. Feist – Shadow of a Dark Queen


February is looking good as well, with several blog tours stopping by and with at least one Author Query. I have some cracking books lined up, among which are Burn, the final book in Julianna Baggott’s Pure series, Sue Monk Kidd’s latest offering The Invention of Wings and Jen Williams’ debut The Copper Promise. And that’s just three of the great titles on my schedule. So I’m really looking forward to my reading this month (as I am every month if I’m honest). How about you? Do you have any books you’re really excited to read this month?


2 thoughts on “Recaps and Upfronts – January and February”

  1. Your January looks more productive than mine was. I got a lot of reading done but not too much happened on the blog. Hopefully February will be different. I’ve got a good few reviews scheduled, the promise of a guest post in a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to set up a little giveaway around the end of the month, but we’ll see how things go. Here’s to a good February for both of us!

  2. I didn’t think the beginning of the year would be so busy for books…how wrong I was. February looks to be even busier. Looks like I’ll be reading a few books you have on that list and one of them is Banished. Your review of it is the first one I’ve seen so far, glad it’s good!

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