Upfronts 2014: Bookish Resolutions

2014Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will bring you wonderful things. With a new year there are always resolutions, even if you know you won’t keep them past the 4th, so why would I be any different? Last year I did rather badly with my resolutions, so this year I’m making a new set! To keep me honest, I’m also posting them here, so you guys can kick me in the behind if I fail dramatically. So take a look at my bookish resolutions for 2014. 

1. Read 120 books
In the past two years I reached 113 and 130 books, having set my goal at 100. So I thought this year I’d adjust my goal and go for 120 books. That means reading 2.3 books a week and that should definitely be doable!

2. Continue my Midkemia Reread
I almost put finish my Midkemia Reread, but as I experienced last year this didn’t always go as fast as I’d planned, so I don’t want to jinx it and say I’ll finish it only to fail, so I’m going with continue. But I’ve really enjoyed rereading the Midkemia books and rediscovering a universe I’ve loved since I was fourteen in the past year and I definitely want to follow it to its end and see where Feist ends Pug’s and Midkemia’s story.

3. Stick to three reviews per week
When I started this blog I aimed for two reviews a week and a random other post. That shifted to three reviews a week and that was a good rhythm. In the last few months of 2013, however, due to getting behind and getting more review copies, I upped my tempo to try and catch up. I planned way too tightly, leading to frustration due to not getting read and reviewed what I’d planned to. So one of my resolutions is to limit my number of reviews a week to three and not put extra pressure on myself. I’m also going to stop feeling guilty for saying no to review requests; as I can only do so much (can you tell I’m trying to convince myself here?). So going forward I’m going to review three books a week with any additional posts being interviews, guest posts, my monthly recap posts, or other random posts. That’s not to say there won’t sometimes be fewer than three reviews, but hopefully that’ll be rhythm I can stick to comfortably!

4. Read a more equal number of male and female authors
In 2013 I read 130 books. After crunching the numbers, I’d read 47 books by women, 67 by men, 12 anthologies with mixed genders, and 3 books with multiple authors. That meant I had a female to male ratio of 1:1.42. That’s not too shocking, but it’s not good either. So this year I’ll be aiming to correct that. Ideally it’ll become 1:1, but if I get it to 1:1.2 I’ll count it as progress.

So those are my bookish resolutions for the year. Have you made any?


4 thoughts on “Upfronts 2014: Bookish Resolutions”

  1. I thought I needed a bookish resolution which fits to the time I can spend for reading, reviewing and blogging.

    – Read and/or review the books by authors whom I promised to do that in 2013

    – Buy less books than in 2013

    – Write 104 posts in 2014 (that would be an average of two posts per week)

    – Write 24 reviews in 2014 (that would be an average of two reviews per month)

    – Read 60 books

    – Finish two series.

    Continue reading four series.

    I would be really happy to achieve them as 2013 was not a good year regarding reading, reviewing and blogging.

    So I wish both of us GOOD LUCK!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever done a Reading Resolutions post, but I plan to write one (hopefully sometime today/this evening). My biggest “plans” are to focus more on fantasy than espionage this year, read more than the 39 books I read in 2013, and drop my “read only completed series” rule.

    One question though…can you consistently review 3 books a week if you only read 2.3 per week. Won’t that gap catch up to you at some point? :)

    1. Those are cool resolutions, Jeff!

      And yeah, I know the numbers don’t add up and if I manage to keep to the three reviews a week, I’ll read far more than my goal. But I also know that there might be circumstances that keep me from reading that much. So I set my goal a little conservatively ;-)

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