Recaps and Upfronts – December and January

RecapsTo be honest I’m a little recapped out after my 2013 wrap-up. Since I’ve been writing a post looking back at last year every day since Christmas. But as these posts are also helpful in writing those recaps, here’s a whirl at one anyway! December was a big month at Casa Librarian. We started the month with Sinterklaas on the 5th, which was huge fun and of course then began the countdown to Christmas break and the New Year, with all the attendant work do’s and family gatherings. Added to that I spent time preparing my Anticipated Posts and trying to read as many books for review as I could as I tried to catch up on my review copy backlog. So December was manic, but also lots of fun. What did December end up looking in blog posts? Let’s take a look.  

In December I reviewed the following books:

Eric Brown – Weird Space: Satan’s Reach
Colin Falconer – Isabella: Braveheart of France
Sarah Zarr & Tara Altebrando – Roomies
Rosie Best – Skulk
John Matthews – Letters From a Murderer
Daniel Polansky – She Who Waits
Jonathan Oliver (ed.) – The End of the Road
Charlaine Harris & Christopher Golden – Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders
Tom Lloyd – Moon’s Artifice
Ursula K. Le Guin – The Left Hand of Darkness
Geoffrey Gudgion – Saxon’s Bane
Alex Shvartsman (ed.) – Unidentified Funny Objects 2
David Towsey – Your Brother’s Blood
Ripley Patton – Ghost Hold

I hosted the following guest posts and a guest review:

Guest Post: Jonathan L. Howard – Sea, Stone, Submarines, and Danger: Worldbuilding “Russalka.”
Guest Post: Jonathan Oliver – Falling in Love Again
Guest Review: Rowena Cory Daniells – Besieged
Guest Post: Laura Lam on The Post-Publication Roller Coaster [Blog Tour]

And I was one of The Book Smugglers’ Smugglivus guests:

Meanwhile on… The Book Smugglers

And of course there were the by now traditional Anticipated Books posts and year end wrap up posts:

Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Introduction
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Fantasy January-March
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Fantasy April-June
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Science Fiction and Horror
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Fiction & Thrillers
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Crime and Historical Crime Fiction
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Historical Fiction January-March
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Historical Fiction April-June
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: Middle Grade
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: YA January-March
Anticipated Books (Winter-Spring) 2014: YA April-June
Anticipated Reads (Winter-Spring) 2014
The Bookish Babies 2013
Favourite 2013 Reads
Favourite 2013 Debuts
Favourite 2013 Books
Recap 2013

What will my January look like? It’ll be another guest post and interview filled month. This Saturday I have an interview with Geoffrey Gudgion, author of the excellent Saxon’s Bane, which I reviewed last week. Next week will be Mazarkis Williams week, where I review all three books in the Tower and Knife trilogy and I also have an interview with and a guest post from Mazarkis. And later in the month I have an interview with Christopher Gortner for you as part of his blog tour for his new book The Tudor Conspiracy. And of course there will be lots of reviews!

So how was your New Year’s? Did you make any resolutions? What are you looking forward to this year?


2 thoughts on “Recaps and Upfronts – December and January”

  1. Criminey, you sure did a lot of posts this past month!

    The only resolutions I made for 2014 were to read 75 books, and to make a decent effort to reformat older reviews to match the current format that I’m using (which will be more time-consuming and fiddly than difficult, really). Other than that, I’m letting 2014 happen as it happens.

    (Well, except for my personal vow to not get hospitalized again this year. But I’m hoping that’ll be a given! :p)

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