Recap 2013

2013It’s here: 2013′s final wrap up post! In which I evaluate how I did on my bookish resolutions and touch upon some of the highlights of my blogging year. I’d kept my resolutions relatively easy, as I wanted to make sure I’d be able to keep them and not get stressed about them. So what exactly were my bookish resolutions this year?


1. Read 100 books
2. Keep the TBR-pile in some sort of check
3. Keep up to date with and comment more on the blogs I follow
4. Do a Feist reread
5. Think of a new feature

Looking at them one at a time, how did I do?

1. Read 100 books
Well, that one I aced. I ended the year on 129 books, 130 if I finish my current read before midnight. So well done me.

2. Keep the TBR-pile in some sort of check
Chalk that one up as a miserable fail. I started this year with 176 books on the pile. Right now I have 224 one my Goodreads To Read Shelf, which is how I try and keep track of the physical books on Mount TBR. Add to that about 25-30 eARCs and books and it’s clear that I might have failed this resolution harder, but I would have to have tried really hard.

3. Keep up to date with and comment more on the blogs I follow
Yeah, this is another failed one. Though I think one mitigating argument is, that I’ll respond to things I read on Twitter more often. However, in the past month I’ve marked most of the posts in my RSS-feeder marked as read without actually reading it, since I just didn’t have the time to read it. I think I’ll just have to rely more on finding things through Twitter and accept that I can’t read everything and not get behind on other things.

4. Do a Feist reread
This one I actually managed to keep. I didn’t get as far this year as I had initially planned, but the first few trilogies in the Midkemia Cycle have a huge page count and it turns out that reading 200+ pages a week in addition to my regular review books was rather ambitious, but I’m eight books in and planning to pick up this reread in January.

5. Think of a new feature
Uhm, nope, no go. Well unless you count the Midkemia Reread as a new feature, I haven’t thought of anything, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything interesting. However, I’ve tried to do more author interviews and more author guest posts and in the coming year I might try and add some editor, publicist and artists to that mix.

I guess I can conclude that I did really badly on my resolutions this year. Only two out of five is a really shabby showing. *hangs head in shame* On the upside, that means I can only do better next year! Now on to some bloggy highlights.

1. World Fantasy Con in Brighton
My biggest highlight for 2013 was attending World Fantasy Con in Brighton. It was my first ever con and I was incredibly excited to finally meet a lot of the people who populate my Twitter timeline in person. It was a great experience, despite all the problems the con had leading up to it and while it wasn’t a perfect con, I had a wonderful time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it back to the UK soon.

2. Being asked to be part of the Hodderscape Review Project
Last June I received an email from Hodder editor Anne Perry, asking me be part of the Hodderscape Review Project. I almost fell out of my chair I was so stoked to be asked to be part of it and such in great company as well. Starting from August, we’d be sent a book to review once a month. These books could range from fantasy to SF to horror and thus far the books have all been classics of the genre. They’ve challenged me to read outside of my comfort zone and it’s been a lot of fun, not only to read the books but also to see what the rest of the group thinks of these books.

3. Team Robot Blogger Award Shortlisting
Late November I was surprised and supremely flattered to be shortlisted for the Team Robot Blogger Award. Again I was in great company and it was completely unexpected. In honour of my nomination and following the example of Ellie of Curiosity Killed the Bookworm, I created a post with the covers of all the Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A books I’d reviewed up to that point.

4. 500th post and Facebook page
In May I posted my 500th post on the blog. A fact I’m really proud of, since I’d never thought I’d keep at it this faithfully. This will be my 650th post, so I guess I’ve picked up the pace a bit in the past seven months! In addition, with the demise of Google Reader I created a Facebook page for A Fantastical Librarian, so people had more choices in how they wanted to follow the blog. I’m currently at 55 likes, which is a modest number, but I’m pleased with it anyway.

So that was my 2013 in blog in review. I hope your 2013 was as wonderful as mine was. How did you do with your resolutions? Don’t forget to check back for my bloggy resolutions for 2014!


2 thoughts on “Recap 2013”

  1. I just barely managed to read 100 books this year, sliding the last one in yesterday. Just made my goal! I dread to think of the spectacular fail I would have had if I’d challenged myself to keep my TBR pile in check. I have over 300 books that need my attention at the moment, and that number WILL go up over the next year, I just know it!

    Hope 2014 is as good a year for you as 2013 was, though!

    1. I hear you on that growing TBR pile! I know mine will probably grow as well.

      I hope 2014 is a 1000 times better for you than this year was, without all the health stuff and such!

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