Robot Review Round Up

greyred_on_black_10cm_300dpiLast Thursday was Thanksgiving in the States and the lovely team at Angry Robot and their various imprints surprised us with their Team Robot Blogger Award. I was really flattered to have been shortlisted and while the ultimate win went to the wonderful Kristin at My Bookish Ways and to Josh from Just A Guy That Likes To Read, it really is true what they always say in these situations, it was an honour to be nominated. One of my fellow nominees, Ellie from Curiosity Killed the Bookworm created a post with covers of all the Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry, and Exhibit A titles she’s reviewed on her blog, in honour of her shortlisting and to say thanks. I thought this was a really cool idea, so with Ellie’s blessing I nicked it and today I bring you my own cover post of all the AR titles I’ve reviewed to date here on the blog. Hopefully there will be many more to come.  

LaurenBeukes-ZooCity LaurenBeukes-Moxyland KaaronWarren-Mistification
AdamChristopher-EmpireState DavidTallerman-Giantthief ChrisFHolm-DeadHarvest
AnneLyle-TheAlchemistOfSouls MatthewHughes-CostumeNotIncluded ChuckWendig-Blackbirds
JustinGustainis-EvilDark JoAnderton-Debris PaulSKemp-TheHammerandtheBlade
JoAnderton-Suited MadelineAshby-vN LeeBattersby-TheCorpseRatKing
ChuckWendig-Mockingbird DavidTallerman-CrownThief ChrisFHolm-wronggoodbye
Lee Collins - The Dead Of Winter annelyle-themerchantofdreams rameznaam-nexus
MadScientistsDaughter-144dpi emmanewman-betweentwothorns leecollins-shereturnsfromwar
matthewhughes-helltopay josephdlacey-blackfeathers leebattersby-themarchingdead
wesleychu-livesoftao emmanewman-anyothername madelineashby-id
paulskemp-adiscourseinsteel jamesamoore-sevenforges chuckwendig-theblueblazes
chrisfholm-thebigreap KimCurran-Shift GwendaBond-Blackwood
SeanCummings-Poltergeeks TheAssassin'sCurse-144dpi JonathanLHoward-KatyasWar
Cover Laura Lam's Pantomime aerought-broken juliannascott-theholders
marthawells-emilieandthehollowworld christianschoon-zennscarlett cassandraroseclarke-thepirateswish
tlcosta-playingtyler kimcurran-control ingridjonach-whentheworldwasflat
gwendabond-thewokengods bryonypearce-theweightofsouls danoshea-penance
richardparker-scareme seanlynch-woundedprey tomvater-thecambodianbookofthedead
williamsutton-lawlessandthedeadofeustonsquare karensandler-cleanburn

In addition to all these reviews there are also a number of interviews and guest post by the various authors to be found around the blog.

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4 Responses to Robot Review Round Up

  1. Bibliotropic says:

    Criminey, you sure have me beat for AR and SC books! I was thinking a little while ago that they might have something of a monopoly on my blog, since they release so many books that I end up reading and enjoying, so I’ve been trying to scale back a little so Bibliotropic doesn’t become the Angry Robot review blog instead. :p

    Of course, all those books I’ve been neglecting keep calling to me, which isn’t helping matters!

    • Mieneke says:

      Ha! Well, yeah I thought about that too, but I think I’ve got a good mix overall. These are the books I’ve reviewed over the course of three years so it’s not too bad ;-)

  2. Lisa says:

    Yay for Angry Robot! I love their stuff, I do. :D

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