Recaps and Upfronts – Oktober and November

RecapsBefore I tell all about my October please take a moment to laugh at me for being a naive fool in thinking I could both move house and keep the blog running as if nothing was  happening offline. Yeah, not so much. About ten days into October, after a bout of stomach flu put me out of commission far a few days, panic hit and my brain fried and I just didn’t have the mental energy to focus on reading until after the move. Luckily I had some awesome guest posts and interviews already scheduled, so the blog didn’t become a total wasteland, but it was quiet for a bit nonetheless. The good news is that the move went swimmingly. We’re even already completely unpacked, at least as far as the stuff that had to go into the house goes. The garage, not so much, but hey, if I don’t see it, it isn’t there. Once we get back from WFC I’ll do a proper shelves brag post, as I so proud of my pretty new shelves. I didn’t have to double-shelve anything, although I did send some books in crates up to the attic to be saved for once the girls hit secondary school. And I even have about two-thirds of a bookcase shelf space left! *faints* The rest of the house is lovely too, of course, but those shelves are my pride and joy. 

So that’s my October in a nutshell: Moving, moving, moved. But what happened on the blog? Let’s have a look.

In October I reviewed the following books:

James A. Moore – Seven Forges
William Sutton – Lawless & the Devil of Euston Square
Naomi Foyle – Seoul Survivors
Karen Sandler – Clean Burn
Lavie Tidhar – The Violent Century

I hosted the following guest posts:

James A. Moore – Nuclear winter in a Fantasy Realm
Rowena Cory Daniells on story length and writing King Breaker

And the following interviews went up:

Author Query – Tim Powers
Editor Query – Jo Fletcher

November is finally here, which means that as you read this I am hanging out with awesome people in Brighton. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since WFC in Brighton was announced in 2011, so to say I’m excited is an understatement. At the same time I’m still exhausted from the move, so I keep bouncing between being super excited and wanting to hide. But I’m sure I’ll be having a grand time and I expect to take lots of pictures and tell you all about when I get back.

For the rest of November I’ll be largely settling in further at the new Casa Librarian and trying to read all of the books I need/want to read before the end of the year. And looking at my list, that is a daunting task. And I’ll be starting work on my Anticipated Lists which I traditionally post in the last weeks of the year.

How about you? What books do you absolutely want to read before the end of the year? Do you already have some books you MUST read next year?


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  1. I managed to review far more books this past month than I was intending to. But that came at the cost of fewer articles and editorials than I normally write, too, so I guess it’s a trade-off.

    Hoping to get 7-8 reviews done in November, too, alongside writing NaNo.

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