Recaps and Upfronts – September and October

RecapsSeptember’s over already? When did that happen? Where did the time go? Gah… So September was a busy month as expected, but we’ve survived. Fall is truly here – even if summer is giving it one last hurrah at the moment – and the first colds and viruses have already struck. I even had to stay home ill for a few days last week due to a stomach bug. So lots of orange juice and fresh fruit is being consumed in Casa Librarian. 

We’ve also been quite busy preparing for next month’s grand event. I’ve been hinting around for a while, but it is finally official so I can spill: we’re moving house. We’ll be moving to a larger house with a garden for the girls to play in and lots of room for more bookcases. But it also means we’ve been packing and prepping our current house to ready it to put it on the market. Halfway through packing our books and we already have 25 boxes! I had no idea we’d so many books squirrelled away, as we’ve been double-shelving them for a while, first because we had to keep them out of reach from grabby toddler hands and then because they didn’t fit, but in between the two I rather lost track.

So that what I’ve been up to in last month, but what did I manage book-wise and on the blog? Let’s have a look.

In September I reviewed the following books:

Kim Curran – Control
Lou Morgan – Blood and Feathers: Rebellion
Joanne Anderton – The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories
Alison Croggon – Black Spring
Carrie Cuinn – Women and Other Constructs
Tom Pollock – The Glass Republic
Lyndsay Faye – Seven for a Secret
Stephen King – The Shining
Ingrid Jonach – When the World Was Flat (and we were in love)
Tehani Wessely (ed.) – One Small Step
Sarah Pinborough – Mayhem
Gwenda Bond – The Woken Gods

I also interviewed Ingrid Jonach as part of her blog tour:

Author Query – Ingrid Jonach

October will be manic with yet more instructions at work, moving house and getting ready to travelling to World Fantasy Con the week after the move. I’ll be glad once it’s the end of October and we’re in the car to Brighton, because the move will be done and the busiest period of the year at work as well. And of course, I can’t wait to get to Brighton to meet up with friends and meet so many of the people I’ve been talking to on Twitter and through email for ages.

So the blog might be a bit quiet, but I’m not planning on that. I already have some awesome guest posts and interviews lined up for the next four weeks and of course there’s this month’s Hodderscape Review Project title. I have put my Midkemia Reread project on hold until after WFC, because I’m right at the biggest books of the lot and they’re turning out to be hard to fit in with everything that’s going on.

So that’s my October, what will yours look like? Lots of preparation for Halloween? Are you coming to Brighton as well?