Recaps and Upfronts – July and August

RecapsIt’s the end of July and in the past week and a half summer has truly arrived in the Netherlands; we’ve had the first heat wave here in seven years. The library is nice and cool though, so I’ve managed not to melt! July was a quite a busy month on the blog. I celebrated my birthday and I celebrated A Fantastical Librarian’s third birthday. I finished up my anticipated books series with my anticipated reads and I had a week of Pandemonium on the blog wherein I reviewed works from Jurassic London and had a chat with their editor. I also set up a Facebook page for the blog, for those of you who prefer Facebook over Twitter, so please go give it a like if you’re so inclined!

So what did last month look like post-wise?   

In July I reviewed the following books:

Stephen Lloyd Jones – The String Diaries
Madeline Ashby – iD
Cassandra Rose Clarke – The Pirate’s Wish
Ian Whates (ed) – Solaris Rising 2
Tanya Byrne – Follow Me Down
Gay Gavriel Kay – River of Stars
Mike Allen – The Black Fire Concerto
Tom Vater – The Cambodian Book of the Dead

The blog featured the following guest post:

Lou Morgan – Letter to a Younger Me

In my Midkemia Reread I posted the following posts:

Raymond E. Feist – Prince of the Blood
Raymond E. Feist – The King’s Buccaneer

I finished my Anticipated Books series for the second half of 2013:

Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2013: YA July-September
Anticipated Books (Summer-Fall) 2013: YA October-December
Anticipated Reads (Summer-Fall) 2013

There was a Week of Pandemonium:

A Week of Pandemonium
Jared Shurin & Anne C. Perry (eds) – A Town Called Pandemonium
Quick ‘n Dirty: Jared Shurin & Anne C. Perry (eds) – Fire
Editor Query – Jared Shurin – Jurassic London
Quick ‘n Dirty: Jared Shurin & Anne C. Perry (eds) – 1853
Jared Shurin & Anne C. Perry (eds) – The Lowest Heaven

And there were the following random posts:

Giveaway Winner for iD!
In The News: Cover Palooza
A Fantastical Librarian turns 3!!

August means I have my vacation coming up. We’re not going away, as we’re saving that for WFC in November, but we’re planning to do up the house and take the girls on outings. And I have masses of reading planned of course. The big news I hinted at last month has been postponed for a month or two, but hopefully I’ll be able to spill the beans on it relatively soon. August also sees the kick-off for the Hodderscape Review Project, which I’m delighted to be a part of. Have you seen the company I’m in? Impressive, right? I’m convinced it’ll be masses of fun and I’m looking forward to learning the first title.

After my two weeks off, we’ll be starting to rev up for the start of the academic year and the rush of instructions for the first years that comes along with it. So I’m going to be enjoying the calm before the storm for the next few weeks. How about you? Have you had your vacation yet? Did you go away or are you staying home? Any good holiday reads?


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