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My week is totally not going as planned. I was going to post a review every day and do some extra reading on top, but of course I should have learned by now not to plan to tightly, as there are two little girls in my house who are apt to mess up my carefully laid plans. However, I will have a review up tomorrow, as it’s part of a blog tour, so I really have to get that written, but before I start in on that, I saw an announcement floating around my timeline on Facebook and I really wanted to share it with you guys.

It’s no secret that I pretty much adore Emma Newman. Not only is she an incredibly talented writer, she’s also quite funny and an all around lovely person. One of the things that’s demonstrated this in the past few months is her karmic approach to promotion: whenever she talks about all the good stuff happening with Between Two Thorns, she’ll also talk about some of the awesome things other people have going on. I thought that was an excellent idea. In a few weeks the second book in the Splits Worlds, Any Other Name, is due out from Angry Robot and Emma has thought of another crazy project to make the world a bit lovelier. What is it? I’m glad you asked.

Three wishes

Emma has come up with the idea of crowd-sourcing magic. That is, she’s set up a Three Wishes Community Hub over on the Split Worlds website and detailed some rules and boundaries, but in a nut shell the idea is this: You make three wishes – on your blog, your Tumblr, or if you don’t have a space on the web, Em’s created a place on the Split Worlds website – and these three wishes should be attainable. We all know world peace would be awesome, but that would take true magic and that’s not really readily available. But anyway, three wishes, which will be set loose in the world, where they will mingle with other people’s wishes. And one of these wishes might something you can help with or someone might be able to help you realise a wish. even if only a few of these are granted, that would be a little magical, no?

Now, I’m going think long and hard about my three wishes and whether I’ll make them, because at the moment the things I wish for most are things nobody can grant me – unless someone has a miracle cure for sleep deprivation due to toddlers? If so, you really can work magic! – so I need to think it through. But I’ll definitely be looking to see whether I can maybe help grant someone else’s wish. If you want to know more about this project you can visit The Split Worlds page or listen to Emma explain more about her project in person on Audioboo, Hopefully, the Three Wishes Community Hub will be a great success.


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