Recaps & Upfronts – March and April

RecapsAs expected March was a busy and chaotic month. Cat turned one, we took Emma to the Library for the first time, we went away from a weekend and of course I had treatment for my wrists. But I managed to review about two books a week, though I did fall behind on my prep-reading for my Midkemia reread, that is coming in May.

I participated in two blog tours and had some very cool guest posts from the authors, Julianna Scott and Victoria Lamb. I really enjoyed those, though I always experience brain freeze when I start to think of topics and thinking I’m coming up with stupid stuff. Luckily both the authors and the publicists I deal with are always really gracious and never react with something like: ‘What on earth were you thinking, that’s an awful topic.’ Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I enjoyed my reading in March, reading some very interesting and thought-provoking short fiction, a couple of sequel I’d been looking forward to and the New Helen Grant which was highly anticipated and didn’t disappoint! Here’s a full run down of last month’s blog activity.

In March I reviewed the following books:

Julianna Scott – The Holders
Victoria Lamb – His Dark Lady
Carrie Cuinn and KV Taylor – FISH
Helen Grant – Silent Saturday
Scott Tracey – Moonset
Sam Thompson – Communion Town
Matthew Hughes – Hell to Pay
Travis Heermann – The Wild Boys
Tamara Romero – Her Fingers

There were two guest posts:

Julianna Scott on “What the Library Means to Me”
Victoria Lamb on His Dark lady and Research

I participated in another Mind Meld:

Meanwhile… on SF Signal

And I also posted a Youtube clip of a Q&A with Gideon’s Angel author Clifford Beal

April was supposed to be a regular month starting with Emma’s third birthday and then rolling on calmly into May when there will be a lot of national holidays in the Netherlands and so a lot of time off. Well, we all know what Lennon said about life and plans, so of course that isn’t what happened. Thus this post being late. The girls have been playing tag with daycare viruses and after a month of constantly having one of them waking up several times a night, I wasn’t able to dodge the bullet anymore and came down with the head cold from hell. It started the weekend of Emma’s birthday and two weeks later I’m still not completely well. So I kinda dropped off the blog for two weeks. However, I have been reading and in the coming two weeks I’ll be posting the reviews for those almost daily. So that’s my plan for the rest of April: catching up on what I still need to review. Oh and try and catch up on my planned Feist-reading!

So how’s April looking for you? Is it any sunnier where you are or is spring still in its box as it is here?


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  1. Thank you for the mention in your recaps and upfronts! It has been sunny for short periods here (Scotland) but it’s still cold. I’ve still got the heating on for a bit morning and evening. I thought Belgium had a wet climate but it was nothing on this!!!

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