Meanwhile… on SF Signal

towerPaul Weimer kindly invited me back for another mind meld. The meld went live yesterday and once again I’m in some great company. This time the topic was one which I thought I’d just be able to type out an answer to, but it turned out that it needed a little more thought than I’d expected. Paul question was:

Q: What books do you savor? What books do you eat like candy? What makes for you a book that you savor, or speed through?

Here’s my answer on candy books:

Candy books are books that just draw me in and don’t let go until they’re done, books where I just have to have to know what happens next. Often these are books with a mystery slant, so crime or urban fantasy books, but they don’t always have to be. Books like Mike Shepherd’s Kris Longknife books, Julianna Baggott’s Pure series, Daniel Polanski’s Low Town books, and Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles. They all have in common that they have lots of action and are fast reads. Calling them candy, though, has the connotation that they are fluff reads and they aren’t by any means. They can be, but they can also be thoughtful and deep, they just keep me turning pages.

To read the rest of my answer covering savoury and other flavours and see the suggestions of Wesley Chu, Sarah Chorn, Stefan Raets and Carrie Cuinn, to name but a few, visit this week’s Mind Meld over at SF Signal!