One Burning Question for Julianna Baggott (well, maybe two)

juliannabaggott-fuseTomorrow is the UK release day of the second book in Julianna Baggott’s Pure trilogy, Fuse. I reviewed the book last month and was offered the opportunity to ask Julianna one burning question about the series. Because I’m a special snowflake, or perhaps more because I screwed up with my email, I sent in two questions and Julianna was gracious enough to answer them both.

The first question was formulated before I had the chance to read Fuse, so it’s based on the first book in the series, Pure.

Q: What inspired the story Partridge’s mum told him, why give it that particular fairy tale slant?

A: I believe that we reveal so much of our fears and desires and obsessions in fairy tales. They’re powerful, especially those that endure generations. As I mention in PURE, there’s an actual fairy tale about a swan with black feet. I change details that lead to the story that’s been embedded into the tale for Partridge, in hopes that he remembers. Fairy tales are our essences, in a way. They’re primal and because they’re simple and image-based, they haunt us.

I came up with this second question after reading Fuse and it concerns the final book in the trilogy, Burn.

Q: In the Pure world history is clearly written by the victor, it’s more a figment of the powerful people’s imagination than the truth. The truth, which seems so important to Bradwell, remains a nebulous thing in Pressia’s world. Will we learn the full truth in Burn?

A: Interesting you ask this question. Yes, there is something that Bradwell writes — at the very end of BURN — that is especially important. BURN isn’t about the past, however, but it does wrestle with questions about what the truth is and how it matters.

Thank you, Julianna! If you haven’t yet checked the books out, I highly recommend you do so as they’re one of the most exciting YA series currently out there!


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  1. I have no idea how this series has passed me by, but I’ve just ordered the first one after reading this :) thanks for the heads up!

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