Recaps and Upfronts – December and January

RecapsDecember was another busy month on the blog. Especially the last two weeks as I’d messed up my planning and I hadn’t finished prepping my wrap-up posts before Christmas, as I’d done last year. However, it all turned out well and all the posts got written and posted on time. I also posted what look to be the final regular Blogger Query posts; from now on it’ll probably live on as an irregular series, unless I figure out a way to come up with new interview guests. All in all, December was a good blog month. Let’s see what I posted.

In December I reviewed the following books:

M. John Harrison – Empty Space
Rowena Cory Daniells – The King’s Man
Julian Stockwin – Betrayal
Suzanne Johnson – Royal Street
Laura Lam – Pantomime
Frank Barnard – A Time for Heroes
Regina O’Melveny – The Book of Madness and Cures
RC Daniells – The Price of Fame
Tanya Byrne – Heart-Shaped Bruise
Will Elliott – Shadow
Anne Lyle – The Merchant of Dreams
A.E. Rought – Broken

I posted three interviews in my Blogger Query feature:

Blogger Query – Angels of Retribution
Blogger Query – Fantastically Epic, All Night Long…
Blogger Query – The Tattered Scroll

I also hosted a guest review by Abhinav Jain in his Advent Reviews series:


Guest Review: James Swallow – Judge Dredd: Dreddline


And I posted my annual wrap-up posts with my anticipated books for 2013 and my favourites for 2012:

Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: Introduction
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: Fantasy Jan-March
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: Fantasy April-June
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: Science Fiction and Horror
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: Historical Fiction
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: YA Jan-March
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: YA April-June
Anticipated Books (Winter/Spring) 2013: Fiction
Anticipated Reads (Winter/Spring) 2013
The Bookish Babies 2012
Favourite 2012 Reads
Favourite 2012 Debuts
Favourite 2012 Books
Recap 2012
Upfronts 2013: Bookish Resolutions

This January on A Fantastical Librarian will be all about the new, with mostly new releases reviewed and several blog tours and guest posts planned. I’m actually taking part in my first ever blog tour next week. It’s the tour for C.W. Gortner’s The Queen’s Vow, which kicks off today. I’ll be posting both my review and a guest post by the author on Tuesday the 8th. And you can find the full schedule below.



I’m really excited for this month’s planned reading and I hope you’ll enjoy the reviews and posts as well. What are your plans for this first month of the New Year?