More Sad Goodbye’s

goodbyeIn the past week there were two influential blogs that closed their doors. I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye here on my blog.

John Ottinger III was the first to announce the retirement of Grasping For The Wind. This one came as a surprise, though it shouldn’t have. Grasping For The Wind was a wonderful genre resource, featuring not just wonderful reviews, but Geek Media Round-ups and interesting interviews as well. It will be missed. But as John is calling it retirement instead of closure, perhaps we will see a return at some point in the future.

The other site, which closed its doors on New Year’s Eve, is My Favourite Books. Besides Floor to Ceiling Books, which closed last year, My Favourite Books and its team, Liz, Mark, and Sarah, have perhaps been some of the biggest influences on my beginnings as a blogger. Besides being incredibly supportive of a newbie blogger, their passion for books and reading was an inspiration and kept reminding me that perhaps my reviews aren’t as eloquent, erudite, or brilliant as I’d like them to be, but as long as I’m passionate about the books I read and promoting reading in general, then I was doing a good job. In addition, Liz, Mark, and Sarah have become friends I love chatting to on Twitter and other places and if possible to meet up with (though opportunities are rare and I haven’t actually met Sarah yet!) and I’m glad they’ll be around to chat with even if MFB has closed its doors.

For all of them, John and Team MFB: Thanks for everything, most importantly exploding my wishlist to gigantic proportions with all your reviews! I wish you guys all the best in future endeavours and hopefully we’ll see you around the online community!


3 thoughts on “More Sad Goodbye’s”

  1. We will meet! One of these days we must. Thank you for your lovely words although I think your reviews are far more eloquent than mine ever were! xxx

  2. Oh my gosh, my friend. I’m crying actual tears and I’ve now got mascara down my face. What a lovely heartfelt blogpost. Amazing and big hugs. Looking forward to seeing you guys again SOON!

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