Cookie with your reading?

cookiesAs you might have noticed if you’re reading this post from the site and not from an RSS-reader, I now have a cookie policy in place. It’s not by choice, but because last year the Dutch government, like the rest of the EU, decided that websites needed to inform their public of the sort of cookies they used and get consent. Now in most EU countries, this consent can be implied, so either just a page with a policy or a banner like I had before stating cookies were used was fine, but the Dutch government took it one step further and made it law that consent had to be explicit. Hence the new lovely diamond thingy in the lower left corner and the pop-up if it’s either your first visit or you elected not have your decision remembered.

It’s still not completely where I want it and need it to be, as it doesn’t actually block the cookies Jetpack implements, which is how I track my stats and which enables the comments and sharing. So for now, I’ve disabled all the sharing buttons except email and printing as those don’t throw cookies at you, but I’ve left the stats up. I’ve put in a support ticket with Cookie Control, so hopefully I can get the blog all set-up as it needs to be soon.

So that’s why I have the pop-up and sharing is disabled for the moment!

Edited: I actually put the sharing stuff back in, as the cookies showing up weren’t connected to them. They only start throwing stuff at you if you click them I think, so for now, unless proven otherwise, they’re back. Have I said that this whole thing is a headache, by the way? Because… aaaarrrggg!


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