Recaps and Upfronts – November and December

November was a busy month for the blog. I had a week off work and I decided to use it to catch up on my promised reviews. I did a decent job of it, but of course I still have a ways to go, but I’m caught up on all the reviews I promised ages ago and got behind on due to life. In addition, I had an exciting week guest blogging over at the Jo Fletcher Books blog. I started prepping for my yearly wrap-up posts. So uhm… yeah lots of good books coming out in the next six months. Looks like 2013 is going to be another good year for books! But that’s getting ahead of myself. Oh and *** drumroll please *** I reached my reading goal for this year! I read 100 books so far this year, so yay! Curious to see where I’ll end up by December 31st. On the non-blogging front things were business as usual, apart from the week off work. The girls, especially Cat, seem to have started their annual cold-cycle, where they’re having colds almost continually, though Cat seems to be more prone than Emma. Then again, she hasn’t had the opportunity to build up her immune system yet, so hopefully next year it won’t be this bad. Still it’s made for lots of cuddling and reading to them so that made it less awful. But back to the books, here’s what happened this November on the blog:

In November I reviewed the following books:

Jared Shurin and Anne C. Perry (eds.) – Pandemonium: Lost Souls
Jonathan L. Howard – Katya’s World
Richard Salter (ed.) – World’s Collider
Geoffrey Wilson – Land of Hope and Glory
Tom Pollock – The City’s Son
David Wesley Hill – At Drake’s Command
Catherynne M. Valente – Deathless
Carrie Cuinn (ed.) – In Situ
Edwina Harvey & Simon Petrie (eds) – Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear
Peter Heller – The Dog Stars
Peter Lukes – Perchance to Dream
Nina Post – One Ghost Per Serving
Jason Jack Miller – Hellbender
Travis Heermann – Rogues of the Black

I posted three interviews in my Blogger Query feature:

Blogger Query – A Fantasy Reader
Blogger Query – Only The Best SciFi
Blogger Query – Grasping For The Wind

I posted a recap post of the guest posts I did for the JFB blog:

Meanwhile on… the Jo Fletcher Books blog

And I farewelled Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review:

A Sad Goodbye to Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

So December will be about reviewing and wrapping up 2012. I’ll be starting my Anticipated Books posts on the 17th and the Best of lists on the 27th. I’ll also be running what will probably be the final two Blogger Query posts for the forseeable future in the coming two weeks. I’ve interviewed all the bloggers I’ve been following for a while or those I’ve been following a shorter while, but who drew my interest. Perhaps I’ll restart the series next year when I’ve collected several more bloggers I want to interview or I might continue it as an irregular feature. Meantime I’ll be trying to think of something new to do on Wednesdays, it might be a variation on Blogger Query or it might be something totally different, but right now I’ve no clue what I’ll be doing.

What are your plans for December? Are you looking forward to the holidays?


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  1. Plans for December are to do Advent Reviews every day till the big day. Two reviews area already down. Will be posting a third today. These are all short reviews for the moment (500-700 words) compared to my usual lengthier ones (1100-1800 words). Its quite fun. Need to do my reading/writing report from November, which was amazing on the latter but kinda bad on the former. Then, there’ll be a best of the year (July-December) post at some time, based on what I’ve read. Not sure if I really should do a super best of the year (like, the absolute best?). Undecided. Will definitely do something for most exciting debut author and most exciting comics of 2012.

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