The Bookish Babies 2012

20122012 was an eventful year for Casa Fantastical Librarian as we went from one Bookish Baby to two Bookish Babies. Our Cat was born on March 8th and life hasn’t been the same since. Of course, we’d never expected it to be, but it’s a fun ride in any case. It’s been fantastic to watch the girls interact and see how much they love each other. Emma is super caring and always wants to help out, giving Cat toys, her pacifier, reading to her, making her laugh and cuddling—even if Cat really rather wouldn’t!

Emma is growing and developing at an amazing pace. I’ve written before about how she was already recognising letters left and right and she’s only been getting better at it. She can recognise the entire alphabet now and all numbers, count to twenty (with only a little coaching once she reaches sixteen) and she knows a couple of her books by heart. The latter is pretty cute, as she’ll pull out the book and start reading it to herself or Cat and say it exactly right, only sometimes she’ll have the book upside down. She’s also talking up a storm and sometimes she’ll say something so world-wise, she’ll just melt my heart.

She’s also discovered the magic of animated films. At the moment she’s completely enchanted with Despicable Me, though she also loves Howl’s Moving Castle, The Lion King and Horton Hears a Who. She’ll be surprisingly attentive for quite a long time, though we usually watch them in several sittings as she’ll wander off after a while. She’ll also incorporate the stories into her play, when she’s playing with her dolls or her Duplo. It’s funny to hear what she focuses on from watch she sees or what we read to her. She also loves playing games and making puzzles. The latter she mainly does on the iPad, though she also has several real puzzles. She’s up to 25-piece puzzles at the moment. Her favourite board game right now is a Disney Princess game (yes I know, pink, princesses, not very feminist, but what can you do she loves them) where you wave a wand around and it tells you how many steps you’re allowed to take. She adores it and it’s like she thinks it’s really a magic wand. Cat also enjoys watching us play the game as the sparkly, flickering wand fascinates her.

Cat meanwhile is standing and walking round the edges of the sofa, the coffee table, and the bookshelves. She’s also trying to walk by pushing around the laundry basket or her high chair. She still loves listening to us reading to Emma, though she doesn’t have the patience to sit still for a story of her own yet. We’ll have to wait a while for that yet, as Emma didn’t really sit still to be read to until she was around eighteen months either. Her favourite toy is Emma’s Duplo. Banging it so it makes noise, riding the cars around, or chewing the animals, or just playing with the blocks, she can do it for a long time for such a small child. This makes me happy as it means I have my hands free to do chores, blog, or read. She’s also starting to talk, though so far she only says papa, mama and sometimes something that resembles Emma. It’s a start though, and as a bonus it’s really cute as well.

Emma, me, and Cat wishing you a fabulous 2013!

Emma, me, and Cat wishing you a fabulous 2013!

So that’s the sum up of our sproglets at the end of this year. I’m looking forward to watching them grow in the next year and seeing their personalities develop and become more distinct, though Emma has oodles of it already. I’ll try and do an update on them every season or so, so if you enjoy these little glimpses of the girls, stay tuned!

The Bookish Babies is a returning feature, in which I write about my daughters Emma and Cat and our journey to make them love books as much as their father and I do. Find earlier instalments of this series here.


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