In Your Ear: Genre on the Go – Take Two

In April of last year I posted my first In Your Ear post in which I shared what podcasts I regularly listened to. A year and a half on and my listening has ranged a bit further and since I’ve discovered a lot of new podcasts to listen to, I thought I’d do a little updated version of that first post with the podcast I currently listen to on a regular basis. I’ve split them up into discussion podcasts, for podcasts with interviews and panel discussions, and fiction podcasts that publish straight-up audio fiction. Hopefully there’s something there you hadn’t heard of before and you’ll find something interesting to listen to!

Discussion podcasts
The Functional Nerds
The Functional Nerds is a weekly show hosted by Patrick Hester and John Anealio, featuring weekly picks of nerdy items and an interview with a broad range of SFF writers or other nerdy people. They are always entertaining and have featured some of my favourite interviews. Also Patrick’s laughter makes my girls giggle, so how could I not listen!

SF Signal
Or as we should now call it the Hugo-nominated SF Signal. Sadly these guys didn’t win the Hugo, which I really had hoped they’d get. The SF Signal Podcast is actually two shows per week, mostly hosted by Patrick Hester. One is a round table discussion with the SF Signal Irregulars and always features an interesting topic. The second show is an interview with an SFF writer and these are always fun as well.

Angry Robot Podcast
The Angry Robot Podcast is hosted by Mur Lafferty and features monthly interviews with Angry Robot authors and short chats with AR bosses Marc and Lee.

The Coode Street Podcast
The Coode Street Podcast is a weekly conversation between Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe mostly focused on science fiction and with occasional guests. Listening to Coode Street is fun as it’s almost as if you’re listening in on a bar conversation or phone conversation between two old friends, who chew the fat and set the world to rights. It’s what we’d call gemoedelijk in Dutch which translates roughly into genial, but that doesn’t quite convey the total meaning. For someone not as well versed in science fiction, each episode is definitely an education as there are new names I learn each week.

The Once and Future Podcast
This one is a weekly interview podcast where author Anton Strout talks to other authors about everything to do with writing and books and more!

SF Squeecast
This was the podcast that beat out the SF Signal podcast for the Hugo. It’s a permanent panel formed by Lynne M. Thomas, Paul Cornell, Elizabeth Bear, Cat Valente and Seanan McGuire, often with additional guests. This one stands out because of it positivity. The panellists always bring things to squee about and always with a positive slant. I like it for its positivity, but also for the personalities on the show. These are fun people, having a fun conversation and always interesting. The SF Squeecast gets together once a month.

A show presented by the duo of Bradley P. Beaulieu and Gregory A. Wilson, this one focuses on the craft of writing. Mostly taped in the form of triptychs, each trilogy consists of a reader response episode, an interview with the author of the work under consideration and an episode discussing writing technique. Brad and Greg always have interesting takes on the books they discuss and while I’m not a writer – I don’t have the writer gene, I’m a reader – I definitely take something away from these shows that I can use in my reviewing. Episodes are posted weekly.

Fiction Podcasts
Escape Pod
A weekly show, Escape Pod features Science Fiction short stories and flash fiction.

Podcastle is Escape Pods sister site and features weekly Fantasy short stories and flash fiction.

Dark Fiction Magazine
This is a somewhat irregular audio magazine bringing you fabulous stories, which often have a somewhat darker slant.


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  1. I used to listen to podcasts all the time. I don't do it so much anymore. Not sure why, really, because I still download them and have a buttload of them on backlog. I really ought to start taking the time to listen to them, especially because there are so many good genre casts going on right now.

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