Anticipated Reads (Summer/Fall) 2012

After the past two week’s posts on my Anticipated Books for Summer/Fall 2012, today I bring you my top 15 Most Anticipated Reads for Summer/Fall 2012. To keep it to 15, I decided to keep all the sequels to books I’ve reviewed on the blog this year, such as Chris F. Holm’s The Wrong Goodbye, David Tallerman’s Crown Thief and Chuck Wendig’s Mockingbird off this list, because you can take it as written that if I (very) favourably reviewed a book, I’d be interested in the next one. In addition, there were a few books that were already on my Anticipated Reads list for the first half of the year, whose publishing dates were pushed back, but I didn’t include them here, because obviously I’m still anticipating those! So below in alphabetical order by author is my list, with a little explanation of why I really can’t wait to read these books. Do you agree or would you have chosen differently from the previous weeks’ lists?

Jody Lynn Anderson – Tiger Lily (Fantasy, HarperTeen)
I love a good retelling of a classic story and Peter Pan is a childhood favourite, albeit in the Disney animated version. The choice to tell the tale from Tiger Lily is an interesting one and I’m curious to see how Anderson takes on the story of the Boy Who Never Grew Up.

Madeline Ashby – vN (Angry Robot)
My attention was first grabbed by that stunning cover and it was cemented by this short story that was posted as part of Angry Robots Twelve Days of Christmas last year. The premise of the self-replicating robots, the failing of the first law of Asimov and an internalised aggressive granny, is fascinating. I already have an ARC for this one waiting for me, so expect a review for this one within the month.

Cassandra Rose Clark – The Assassin’s Curse (Fantasy, Strange Chemistry)
One of the first outings for Angry Robot’s YA sister imprint Strange Chemistry, I was sure to read this one, but since reading the blurb and seeing the cover I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m loving the fact that there are more and more fantasy titles that have strong Middle Eastern influences and I’m interesting to see how they are incorporated into The Assassin’s Curse.




Rowena Cory Daniels – Besieged/Exile/Sanctuary (Solaris)








I recently read and loved Rowena Cory Daniells’ The King’s Bastard, so much so that I immediately ordered the other two books in the series. So I’m really looking forward to seeing whether Daniells’ second series is as good or better than her first. I have a review copy of Besieged on my To Read Pile, so expect a review for that one in a week or so!

Max Gladstone – Three Parts Dead (Tor)
Three Parts Dead sounds like an interesting new urban fantasy series with a cool heroine. I love courtroom TV shows and this book sounds like the urban fantasy, supernatural version of that. Also a dead god that needs to be resurrected? Count me in!

John Gwynne – Malice (Tor UK)
Traditional epic fantasy with Celtic/Roman roots? Coming of age story? Grand Destiny? Mystery, Machiavellian politics and adventure? This is the kind of book that could go either terribly wrong or terribly right. It’s got all the elements I love, but those are exactly the elements that could make it go wrong, as they are terribly overdone and it takes a special author to make something special of them. Then again, Julie Crisp is an editor whose judgement I respect, so I’m hoping this is one of those books that’ll be terribly right.

Anthony Hays – The Divine Sacrifice (Corvus)
Historical Arthurian crime fiction set at Glastonbury Abbey. That’s all that needs to be said really!

Jay Kristoff – Stormdancer (Tor UK)
Look at that cover, now look at this one. I’d say that Jay Kristoff has won the cover lottery twice. Apart from his stunning cover art, the blurb for Stormdancer is intriguing too. Again a non-western, medieval setting, with what looks to be a strong female protagonist and some interesting ‘monsters’ in the form of Griffins. I’ve had my eye on this one ever since I first heard of it last year and I really hope I can get my hands on this one sooner than later!

Mark Lawrence – King of Thorns (Harper Voyager)
One of last year’s most controversial debuts and one of my favourite books of last year was Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns. So it was a given that King of Thorns would be high on my wishlist. Hopefully I’ll be able to read this one soon as well, as I really want to see where Lawrence takes Jorg and how the latter develops now he’s no longer just the head of a small warrior band.

Barbara Lazar – The Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai (Headline)
Another book with a gorgeous cover, this one I’ve head my eye on since late last year when I first read its synopsis. Set in feudal Japan, this sounded amazing and then they gave it such a gorgeous cover to boot. I’m hoping this will be another of those fantastic historicals I’ve read this year.

Lou Morgan  – Blood and Feathers (Solaris)
I’m going to sound shallow, but this another stunning cover. Plus ‘Alice in Wonderland goes to hell’ was bound to get my attention. With its sequel already announced by Solaris, this tale of war between Heaven and Hell, with an alcoholic angel in disgrace guiding our heroine has to be a winner. At least I truly hope it is. A review copy should be winging its way over to me, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell whether it is indeed a winner soon.

Tim Powers – Hide Me Among the Graves (Corvus)
Christina Rossetti was one of my favourite poets I had to study while at university and the Pre-Raphaelites have always fascinated me, so this historical novel with what seems to be a sort of supernatural twist has a subject that was bound to interest me. In addition, Tim Powers is a name I’ve often heard dropped as being one you should read, so I think this would be a good one to start with.

Andrew Swanston – The King’s Spy (Transworld)
English Civil War code breakers! Murder at the court! I’m in! Luckily, The King’s Spy is part of Transworld’s Historical Fiction Reading Challenge, which I’m taking part in, so look for a review of this one soon!

Doyce Testerman – Hidden Things (Harper Voyager)
The blurb for this one just grabbed me and comparisons to Neil Gaiman only helped to raise my interest. It sounds like an intriguing mystery and that cover is just lovely.

Brent Weeks – The Blinding Knife (Orbit)
I loved Brent Weeks’ Night Angel trilogy and the first book in his Lightbringer series, The Black Prism. After waiting two years we can finally find out what happens to Gavin and Kip after the events of the first book and I can’t find to discover what Weeks has in store for us in The Blinding Knife.


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