Anticipated Books (Summer/Fall) 2012: Introduction

Late last year I posted my Anticipated Books for the first half of the year. Over the next few days I’ll be posting list of the books that caught my eye for the second half of 2012. These lists are by no means exhaustive, as I wasn’t able to find any information for some publishers and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to check some others. At the same time, I’m certain I won’t be reading all of the books on the lists, because a) there’s no way I can afford to buy them all and b) even if I could, I’d never have enough time to read them all. Still, I wanted to put these books in the spotlights and draw some attention to them. Even if I won’t manage to read all of them, maybe seeing them here will alert others to them and get them interested. That’s why I named the posts Anticipated Books, as I don’t know which ones I’ll be able to read.

I’ve chosen to just list the books alphabetically by author per month and divided over several genre categories. YA has its own post with all the genres mixed together, but they deserved a spot of their own. After I’ve posted all my Anticipated Books posts, I’ll post my most Anticipated Reads, consisting of the fifteen books I’m most excited by and which I’ll try my best to get my hands on and why.

Hopefully you’ll spot something on the list that you’ll enjoy and would have missed otherwise!