The Bookish Babies Spring 2012 Edition

The Bookish Baby has been the Bookish Babies for a little over two months now and life at Casa Fantastical Librarian has been settling into its new two-kid routine slowly, but surely. Emma adores being a big sister and wants to help us taking care of Cat as much as she can. She tries to give Cat her pacifier when she loses it, she brings her baby toys and, as can be seen above, she likes to read her books. It’s actually kind of funny to hear her repeat things we’ve read to her or hear her point out stuff in her picture books.

Emma is digging picture books at the moment. She won’t let us read from her fairytale books or her Jip en Janneke book, she wants her Richard Scarry Best Word Book Ever, which she has in both Dutch and English or the Swedish picture book she got from her aunt. And she can be pretty insistent about it. We read to her every night before bed and she starts deciding which one she wants to read while we’re still brushing her teeth. If we pick the wrong book she’ll keep saying ‘No, no, the other one.’ until we get the right one. It’s fun to see how much her vocabulary improves from looking at them every night and how many words she retains from night to night.

At the same time she’s learning to recognise letters and numbers and understanding that these make up words. She’s got a game on the iPad called Lola’s Alphabet Train, which she can play in Dutch and it’s amazing how fast she’s picking it up. She’s already finishing the easy level on her own, though the medium level is too hard for her as yet. Every time I see her do stuff like this, I’m just flabbergasted. It makes reading anything myself hard though, as she insists on sitting on my lap and pointing out letters on my page.

So our little geek girl is well on her way to literacy and loving being read to or reading to Cat. Cat in the meantime is fine with everything, as long as she’s near one of us. If she’s fussy I’ll just read to her from whatever I’m reading at the moment and it works as well as it did for Emma, she’ll settle down and even fall asleep in no time.

To end with, here’s a little clip of Emma reading to Cat and me from Erikson’s The Bonehunters.

The Bookish Babies is a returning feature, in which I write about my daughters Emma and Cat and our journey to make them love books as much as their father and I do. Find earlier instalments of this series here.