Recaps & Upfronts – April and May

April saw me get back on track reading-wise and was a good book month for me. I finished my planned Trudi Canavan Reread, which means I’ve (re)read all of her novels except for The Rogue, which I don’t own yet and The Traitor Queen, which won’t be released until August. Other than that I read four new releases and posted the last couple of backlogged reviews from last year. On a personal note I’ve been enjoying my time with Cat, who’s started to smile and really deliberately making sounds when she sees us. Emma is still super proud to be a big sister and she tries to help with everything. She loves sitting with Cat and being read to together and even reading to Cat herself, which absolutely the cutest thing ever. We also re-arranged our bookcases, putting all our books back after we emptied our bottom shelves to protect them from Emma’s grabby baby hands! I’m so glad that they’re back to normal, as they look so much better. We only had to double-shelve two cases, which was way less than I expected to be honest!

Bookcases before
Bookcases after

But back to the books, instead of the bookcases, what exactly did I review last month?

In April I reviewed the following books:

Tess Gerritsen – The Apprentice
Matthew Hughes – Costume Not Included
Karen Mahoney – The Iron Witch
Glen Cook – Chronicles of the Black Company
Trudi Canavan – Priestess of the White
Jason Starr – The Pack
Philippa Ballantine – Spectyr
Jared Shurin & Anne C. Perry eds. – Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke
Steven Erikson – Midnight Tides
Trudi Canavan – Last of the Wilds
Scott Sigler – Nocturnal
Myke Cole – Control Point
Trudi Canavan – Voice of the Gods

May will see me return to work on the 21st. That’ll be a bit of an adjustment to be sure and will probably have some consequences for the blog. At the moment, I’m reviewing as I go, which means if I don’t read, I don’t have anything to review. And I’ve found reading three books a week is a hard pace to keep up, so with me going back to work, I might be posting fewer reviews a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to compensate by writing some more articles, but only time will tell whether I manage that. I plan on writing another Bookish Babies post this month, so that’s at least one article covered!

How about you guys? Anything cool planned?


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