The Bookish Baby becomes the Bookish Babies

Peacefully asleep in the hospital

Finally I can share some baby news! Yesterday B2 arrived!

Her name is Catherine Sophie Elizabeth van der Salm, Cat in everyday use. She was born yesterday afternoon at 12.29 pm. She weighed in at 3830 grams and she is in perfect health. Everything went very smoothly and the both of us are doing very well. Emma is completely in love with her little sister and is giving her kisses galore and trying to share her toys with her.

There will be pre-written blogposts up on the blog, but I might skip next Monday’s Canavan review, as I haven’t it up yet and I’m not sure whether I’ll manage it before Monday. Hopefully we’ll be back to our usual programming in a week or two!

Look at all that hair!

The Bookish Babies is a returning feature, in which I write about my daughters Emma and Cat and our journey to make them love books as much as their father and I do. Find earlier instalments of this series here.


5 thoughts on “The Bookish Baby becomes the Bookish Babies”

  1. Aww, she's lovely. But of course she is!

    Quite the 'do she has too! :)

    Huge, heartfelt congrats, Mieneke – very nicely done, I do declare, and you should take all the time you need with her. The books will wait, I bet… but the wee ones? They have a habit of growing up, as I understand it. And how!

  2. @ediFanoB: Thank you!!

    @Sarah: Thank you!

    @Niall: Thanks! I thought she turned out rather well too ;-) And yeah, they do grow up pretty fast. If I compare Emma to Cat it's almost impossible to imagine she was once the same size!

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