Meanwhile… On The Speculative Scotsman

Today I’m guest blogging over on The Speculative Scotsman. Niall has jetted off to the US for a month, the lucky man and he asked a bunch of his blogging friends to help him out in the duration. I was so flattered when he asked me to contribute and luckily I had a review hanging about ready, as when he asked me it was just a few days before Cat’s birth and at the time I wasn’t really able to put two words together on paper sensibly. So head on over to TSS for my review of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings.

It was my pleasure to be guesting on The Speculative Scotsman, even if Niall made me blush from al his praise. I hope you enjoy the review!

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile… On The Speculative Scotsman”

  1. Hi Mieneke! I found your blog from The Speculative Scotsman – can't believe I haven't found it sooner. I'm really selective about which blogs I follow and I'm loving yours – mostly because we have similar tastes/are reading the same novels. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Hi Josh! And welcome, forgive me the late reply, but the baby is keeping me pretty busy. I'm glad ypu like the blog and I hope you enjoy future posts.

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