Recaps & Upfronts: February and March

As expected, February was a month of waiting. As of the time of writing this (Monday the 27th) the baby hasn’t made her appearance yet and I’m getting pretty impatient for her to arrive. I did finish writing up the backlog reviews and now have about a four week buffer. I’ve also got four books I still need to write up, so hopefully I’ll end up with a bit of a bigger buffer before this young lady decides to arrive. This month I started my big Trudi Canavan reread, as I had several of her books I still needed to read for the first time and I wanted to reread the previous ones first. I’m aiming to at least be able to keep up with weekly posts in that reread, which should be doable, as two of the four books are hers. Otherwise this month was about reading. I had a nice mix of new releases and older books and big imprints and some really small press ones. So overall, readingwise, February was a great month.

In February I reviewed the following books:

James Maxey – Greatshadow
Jackie Morse Kessler – Rage
Richard Ford – Kultus
Eva Stachniak – The Winter Palace
Helen Grant – The Vanishing of Katharina Linden
B.B. Griffith – Blue Fall
Bets Davies – Weaver’s Web
Nina Post – The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse
Trudi Canavan – The Magicians’ Guild
Holly Black – White Cat
Juliet E. McKenna – The Swordsman’s Oath
Trudi Canavan – The Novice

Next month will be a month of action, as baby will have to be born then – if she doesn’t come out on her own, they go get her! – so I’ll probably be rather quiet on Twitter, though service on the blog should go on uninterrupted. I’m going to start posting my backlog reviews from tomorrow, as I’ve been having lots of trouble focusing on writing reviews, so I’d thought I’d start in on them even though B2 isn’t here yet. Even if I’m starting posting the backlog reviews, I’m going to try to do my weekly Canavan review post on Monday. On the other hand, with Emma I was back to a regular routine fairly quickly, so I might not be MIA that long!

So that was my month, how was yours?


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  1. Nice month of reviews! You certainly did get a good amount of variety in there!

    My February wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but I still managed to get 7 reviews done up, so I can't complain too loudly.

    Here's to a great March! Look forward to seeing pictures of the new baby!

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