Recaps & Upfronts: January & February

This January was an excellent start to my blogging year. I kept up the higher page views I’d gained over December and I also managed to keep to a regular posting schedule. In addition, on the 18th my maternity leave started, so the past two weeks have been spent reading and writing reviews in between midwife and other appointments. The only thing left to do on the baby front is pack my suitcase for the hospital, so I’m pretty much done with preparation for the baby. On the blog front I’m also getting along with writing all those backlog reviews that I mean to use as a buffer once the baby gets here. Reading wise, 2012 is off to a great start. I’ve read some cracking books already, one of which I reviewed yesterday. If the rest of the year continues in this vein, 2012 will be an excellent reading year for me! But let;s get to the run-down on last month’s blog posts.

In January I reviewed the following books:

Julianna Baggott – Pure
David Tallerman – Giant Thief
Mercedes Lackey (ed.) – Under The Vale
Sarah Dunant – In the Company of the Courtesan
Mercedes Lackey – Foundation
Kevin Hearne – Hexed
Mercedes Lackey – Intrigues
Kevin Hearne – Hammered
Chris F. Holm – Dead Harvest

There were also non-review posts:

In The News: Simon Spurrier Makes Nice
In The News: Solaris Snags Audrey Niffenegger

And I also guest blogged over on Civilian Reader:

The Lure of the Stacks

If January was the month of writing ahead, February will be the month of waiting. Granted, I still have to write up six of those backlog reviews, but I anticipate having those done by next week and then it really is waiting till the baby decides to make her entrance into the world. And hopefully by next month’s recap and upfronts post I’ll be able to show you some of her first pictures!

Do you guys have any exciting plans for this month? Anyone going to the SFX weekender this weekend?


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  1. @Ria: Thank you! Hopefully all will go well. If baby decides to stay put till March, it'll be a weird month though, with lots of waiting!

    @Mel: Look forward to your thoughts on Pure!

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